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    I'm having a color issue. I was having a problem with rainbow colors in general but applied a fix and that doesnt happen anymore. Im trying to use a trainer so i can play around with hacks but everytime i minimize the diablo window the rainbow colors come back. How can i fix it to where i can minimize without screwing up my colors? Any help would be appreciated.
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    On which patch are you playing?
    Also XP or Win7?
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    I had the problem too. Just start the game with windows 95. And start it as admin. I have Windows 7.
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    For me, on Win7, it works to keep the screen resolution window open. Doesn't seem to work with the initial game start, though. So I have to start the game once, let it screw up, exit the game, right click -> screen resolution(don't do anything, just leave this opened) and then i can start D1 with regular colors. Don't know why, but it works. Alt-tabbing usually works, too, but I've also had it fail again at times.
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