Diablo I on Android

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    Hey guys, I recently found a solid Emu for the PSX and a Rom for yes Diablo, Right now i just have a droid eris so it took about 2 hours download 5 min unzip and now i'm playing. IT is extremely laggy due to the 600Mhz processor and shitty graphics. The Sound skips and replays itself alot, but that could be the rom i'm not sure as I don't have any other android phones besides this one. If anyone has an Android phone, primarily a newer one, Droid incredible, Droid X, 2 or a Galaxy S phone, would you try this out. I would love to play this on the Droid Bionic or HTC thunderbolt I am geting this june when my contract expires but I don't know if it will play like this. The app names are PSX4Droid lite the free one I use, PSX4Droid, and PSX4Droid V2. The app name i use to get almost any rom i want is Emulator ROMs. Good luck
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    i will try it tomorrow on my hd2 ported to android 2.3.2 ^^
    I will let you know if it works good;)
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    If you tell me how I can try it on my HTC desire HD, it usually handles most games :)
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    ISO d1 on my iphone! lol
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    I got galaxy 2S

    If you explain me in detail what to download etc then ill be happy to help
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    I have the same phone as the guy above. Do tell how to run it. I would love to play while at work or out and about.
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    Yes please give us instructions (preferably a step by step guide) on how to get it and make it work. (For us not so tech savy guys). =)

    Also how will the HTC Legend handle it?

    [Off topic, is there any way for me to get Dungeon Hunter 2 on my HTC Legend?]

    Please and Thank You. =)
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