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    Cains Shadows is a Clan that was originally started by 3 people, we set out to make a Clan that would be successful in the long run and in general alot of fun.

    Currently <CS> is accepting anyone into the Clan, members are able to invite other members, the works. We as a community want to grow into people who generally help eachother out, whether its Power Leveling, Rifting, Bounties, Normal all the way through Torment 6.

    We won't give up till we get <CS> to where we feel it needs to be. Never give up, that goes for anyone.

    Thing's we look forward to doing are Uber's and stuff since none of us currently have experienced the new version of Ubers.

    Ground Rules: The rules are very simple, stay calm, play on, and have respect for eachother within the clan and outside of the clan. We want to set a prime example as to what makes a True Gamer just that, a True Gamer.

    Acceptance Rules: There are none, plain and simple. If you're level 1 and you want to be in a clan, we welcome you, if you're level 300PG and wanting to just rift or bounty hunt or whatever, we welcome you. Point blank there are no Acceptance/Invitational Rules.

    Activities: PvE Obviously, PvP if you're up for it, Nephalem Rifting, Bounties, Ubers, Campaigning, Lore Induldging, If you like any of these things we welcome you to join us!

    Official Website (Still being worked on): http://cainsshadows.guildlaunch.com/
    Clan Leader: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/LeOracle25-1256/hero/41245891
    Clan Co-Leader: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Epidemik-1278/hero/41622699
    Clan Chat Mod: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Rioreusu-1273/hero/47132479

    New! Member Count: 36
    Clan Essentials Coming Soon:
    Raidcall is officially up and running! ID:8676883
    Official Website is pretty much done for the time being!
    Clan Expanding To Other Games

    That more or less sums up what we do, who we are and what our goals are! Thanks for reading guys, and have a good day, hope to see you with us on the battlefields of Sanctuary.


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    We're steadily growing, already up to 18 members and some of us play both HC/SC so don't think no one plays hardcore, we've got that too! :)
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    Up to 26 members, and things are going smoothly, alot of activity throughout the day and into the night. I know 26 isn't alot to be proud of, but I surely am. So if you're down to be part of a very friendly community let us know. :)
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    i want to join but having a hard time finding the clan to apply. Any ideas? sorry if im missing something, still new to diablo (hit 70 but still know next to nothing lol).
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    Quote from vexler
    i want to join but having a hard time finding the clan to apply. Any ideas? sorry if im missing something, still new to diablo (hit 70 but still know next to nothing lol).

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I had some health issues arise on me pretty fast. I do apologize. Yes we're still looking for people and you're still interested I can send out an invite.
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    Bumping this up, we officially have grown to 36 members, pretty proud of the progress we're making!
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    Are you still recruiting?
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    Hey Everyone!
    We are still actively recruiting new people to our group. Doesn't matter if you are new to the game or an experienced player. Our Mumble server is a great place to come and chill with other gamers while you do whatever you feel like doing. Bounties, Rifts, Plvlin, or just campaigning Because why not. Just add LeOracle25#1256 or myself (x2xPainx#1267)and let us know you wish to join :D
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