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    Since clans/guilds in diablo are quite pointless my friends and I started to make one but never went anywhere with it.

    There is a group of us that play together but some are getting burned out. A lot of us sit on vent and just BS together but a lot of times we just play together in game.

    For the most part we all have our hellfire rings that we need so we've stopped doing ubers and we mainly just do A3 MF runs.

    If you are someone who is playing by yourself and are looking for some group play please feel free to add me Renegade#1318.

    I can basically solo MP6 ubers and am willing to help anyone at any time. I also have friends that will join and depending on whos on we can do MP8/9 as well.

    Recently though I've been doing a lot of farming of Act 3 just trying to get max paragon levels and also finding gear to sell.

    The group and mines play time is rough anywhere from 7 PM EST until 1 AM EST. On days off you can expect us to be on all day.

    If you are interested in doing A3 MF runs or if you need help doing Ubers please feel free to add Renegade#1318
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    You forgot to state your server region. Although, by the use of EST times, I'm assuming US.
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    Yes it is US. Sorry and thanks for reminding!
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    WD here; not necessarily looking for ubers right now but just generally more people to play with. Valaran#1746.
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    I will add you when I get home. Thats basically what I'm doing. I have a feeling there will be some key runs tonight to try to get some freinds fresh toons there hellfire ring.
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    Still looking for more people.

    Been mainly running a3 mp1 MF/EXP runs. Also do key runs from time to time
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    I've mainly been doing the same as you guys, just farming on mp1/2 trying to level paragon with the occasional ubers run. I'm also trying to get a HC WD to 60. I don't usually group up for low mp farming but feel free to add me for ubers. I can do ubers on 5-6 pretty easily
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    I'm up!
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    I've been looking for more people the play with as well. I have a level 60 of each class - I get bored of one and move to another (currently on a WW barb kick). I'm down for anything
    - exp farming, high mp level challenge runs, ├╝ber farming. I've been looking for a group where everyone has multiple machines to fight as many ubers as possible in one session. I haven't gotten a ring yet since I've been leveling alts in my spare time and would love to get one now. Anyway, my bnet name is griff1390#1481 - I'll be on around 8 pm EST tonight and I'll add some of you fellas and see if anyone is interested in playing. I'm planning on farming act 1 for keys so I can make 3 machines to tonight so if anyone wants to do ubers get some machines and let me know! Would love to have 4 people with multiple machines
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    Still looking for people to play with. Renegade#1318. Mainly just doing exp runs on mp5+. 150K Plvl 65 Monk.
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    Feel free to add me...my friends list is generally empty now-a-days.
    Info is in my sig.
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