Diablo III Clan (Sanitarium)! LF players!

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    Bored of playing alone?! Join a newly formed clan and have alot of fun!

    We are a Danish clan converting to a international one!

    We are about 6 active players, LF many more!
    The clan we were in before didnt do anything, so we took action and made our own.
    A website is up: http://d3-sanitarium.guildlaunch.com/ but work is in progress.
    Please register and apply to clan if you wanna join us!

    The plan with the clan is:

    Make as many events as we can every week, such as farming keys on as high mp as we can and doing ├╝bers aswell.
    Farming paragon levels together.
    Farming loot..
    Brawling if anyone wants to do that.

    Be nice, no one likes a jerk.
    Be as much help full as you can.
    Be as much online as you can and want to.
    Be active on teamspeak.

    Requirements to join:
    We dont care about age, only that you are mature to play with.
    Have a working microphone and teamspeak installed.
    Register on website and apply to clan, because events will be posted there.

    P.S add me ingame: Bonebreaker#2801. (write in box: Sanitarium member)
    Because the website isnt fully working yet, but still do register and apply.
    Teamspeak info will be shared once you have joined us
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