Looking for fun, oh yeah and a guild

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    Hey all,

    Max is the name.
    from NL so play time is GMT +1 around 9pm-1am generally but varies from day to day and in weekends its all over the place.
    and im looking for a guild
    im really not all that interested in rewards for being a member or other weird incentives to join your guild.
    im looking for fun "mature" ppl that play for fun, but ofc do their best a bit at least but where we can fool around on teamspeak or similar while having fun playing. a voice home base is an absolute must because i hate typing and talking is much more fun.
    i would like to do pvp eventually when it is released.
    even hardcore and hardcore pvp if that will ever be possible.
    i like to talk about the game , life , sex , jokes and any other BS that comes to mind.

    Please contact me in game Dude#2999 or mail.
    Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of your bunch
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    Good group, check us out.
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