Wizard looking for a active clan/guild.

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    I recently just started playing Diablo 3 about a month ago with 2 friends who I knew from WoW where I was in an active top 5 US 10m raiding guild. However, they have become relatively bored with D3, as I've become extremely bored with WoW, so I am sitting here playing by myself.

    I just started playing this wizard about a week ago and feel I am doing fairly well on him in regards to gear & levels and am always looking to improve my game. Therefore, I am looking for a pretty active group of people who do paragon/key/ubers runs a lot, and who I can help and receive help from. That's pretty much it, if you have any questions or are interested in adding a very skilled player to your group let me know!

    Here is my armory
    http:// us.battle. net/d3/en/profile/x40xcalx-1185/hero/28321016
    ^ Spaces between the double / and . net because I cannot post links yet.
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