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    Hi, I'm currently seeking a guild to join. I am over the age of 18 and I have put a good amount of time into playing this game. I have 5 level 60 characters. 2 of them progressed to act 3 inferno and 1 of them have progressed to act 4 inferno. I have managed to kill all bosses from act 1-3 inferno solo. Its not a huge feat but it does illustrate my commitment thus far.

    I am kinda bored of playing solo and would like a guild to interact with during my free time and while playing this game. Are there currently any guilds seeking casual adult players? if so please respond with your guilds information and I will be sure to check in to it.

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    Hi !

    Please check us out!


    We have players on both EU and US servers which are on-line most of the time.

    Please follow the application template if you would like to join.
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