The Darkside Empire recruiting SC, HC, and future PvP players!

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    The Darkside Empire is now recruiting!

    Who we are

    The Darkside Empire is a multigaming clan formed in 1999, though the majority of our members have been playing the Diablo franchise since 1996. We're looking to build a strong community of D3 players of all classes, skill levels, and interests in the game: softcore, hardcore, achievement seekers, PvPers, even auctioneers. Whether you're looking to play D3 competitively or casually, we're looking for all types of players!

    Why join the Darkside Empire?

    Why should you join the Darkside Empire's Diablo 3 team?
    • A group of awesome people to play with. Almost all Darkside members have picked up Diablo 3, and you'll often see us on Bnet, doing Inferno runs or braving hardcore mode. You can find someone playing at almost any time, day or night, willing to jump into a game with you.
    • Helpful members. Want to powerlevel? Need to get an achievement? Trying to beat a difficult boss? Looking for some specific gear? We can't guarantee anyone will trade you a stormshield, but Darkside members are some of the most helpful people you'll meet in-game.
    • An experienced clan. The Darkside Empire has been around for 13 years. We're not a newly-formed clan that lacks know-how, or that might disappear overnight.
    • A competitive team. Darkside members have been involved in Diablo PvP for over 15 years, from slicing off ears in D1 as some of the top bounty hunters gold could buy, to dueling in D2 with spec'ed out PvP builds. The Darkside Empire plans to be heavily invested in D3 PvP once its released, and we'll be assembling teams for the Arena.
    • Multigaming. Diablo 3 is one of our main games, but it isn't our only focus! If you play any other games, chances are there's a Darkside who has it and would want to play it with you. Why waste time joining multiple clans that are only active in a single game?
    Want to be a part of the Darkside Empire?

    If you're a teamwork-oriented gamer that wants to balance fun and competition with an active community, head to the Darkside Empire site and submit an application!

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