The Paradigm is Recruiting

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    mybe you need some good friends to play with. Maybe you want to hang out on the raidcall server and talk about how if there was pvp you would stomp everyone else. Maybe your friends all suck so you need to make new ones.

    I'll be working hard to get this guild off of the ground, I would love people to come and help me turn this into a great "guild" for lack of a better word.
    I would like to focus on farming inferno, build and theory crafting, PvP preperation, market manipulaton and money making, and helping people not only level, but gain a better understanding of mechanics, builds, stat itemization, and how to make that $$$.

    Anyway, the site is:
    I would love to see you guys there. I'll respond to any posts here or you can add me ingame ofcourse. Feel free to contact me :)
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    bump. also looking for officers
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    EU or US !? Come on - Please state that when you announce - Thank you
    - PM me if I won -
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    Yeah im also interested buy im EU. What realm is this guild?
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