Denizens of Sanctuary

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    Denizens of Sanctuary is a Diablo 3 guild that focuses on game progression and gearing up our champions. We understand that currently Diablo 3 has little to no features supporting this mantra, but we have developed a way for our members to work together to ultimately achieve our goals. We pride ourselves on working together, and communicating as a team. We also strive to provide an atmosphere of maturity and respect for all of our members. Trust is key for all members of DoS as our system of delivering gear is all honor-based. We believe heavily in the "You scratch my back, I will scratch yours" saying.

    As I mentioned before, communication is key. We have a Mumble server to help with in-game communication, and a solid forums and site built to help link gear, post gear, and schedule runs. We also have this site available to provide a place for all members to come and get to know each other. We are a guild, and we should strive to get to know our fellow members, with the tools mentioned above, this should be no problem.

    We are accepting champions of all levels, as we are fairly new. We need to focus on leveling and working together to reach level 60. Looting will take place throughout leveling and in end-game content. We are also looking for members who want a role in leadership to help maintain the looting, gold financials, organization of group runs, and forum moderators.

    You can apply at:
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    We are also looking at starting a group for hardcore champions. We also are entertaining Role-Playing as well. Come check us out. We are a pretty relaxed group.
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    Hey everyone, check us out @
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    Hey hey everyone, we hit ten active members at Denizens of Sanctuary. We have numerous 60's who are running Inferno mode plus many others who are still leveling together. Check us out @
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