Demon Hunter lf group for Inferno

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    My gaming nickname is Griever, i've been playing games for multiple years now and have a fairly successfull background in Blizzard's game from Diablo 1 to Diablo 3 passing by World of Warcraft.

    I'm currently an east-coast based college student, so i have quite a bit of free time.

    I'm looking for a solid and dedicated group to progress into Inferno "legitimately" (chain corpse running or bugs to skip quests/acts). After clearing act 1 solo fairly easily wich bored me i decided to give a shot at Public games and i realised the game was much more entertaining in groups, sadly the environement in public games simply doesn't suit me, as i'm much more comfortable in an organised and performance focused group.

    I'm currently fairly well geared with both crafters maxed (if they're ever useful to something).

    Here's my stats and builds :

    "Dungeon crawl" build (basically everything but bosses.)

    Stats and Build

    Boss Fight build :

    Stats and Build

    These are the 2 main builds i figured but i tested a very high amount of different ones in Hell difficulty and higher, so i'm an highly adaptable player and will obviously optimise my character to increase the sucess of the entire group as much as possible. I also plan to mainly focus on the Demon Hunter class my entire D3 "career" as its the only class that remotelys "clicks" with me, except maybe a potential Monk alt at some point, so i'm aiming to play it at a very high skill level.

    I'm also highly interested in PvP when it becomes availlable. I've been close to Gladiator many times and reached Grand Marshal/Hero of the alliance in World of Warcraft, so i'm an highly competitive person.

    I'm usually availlable every nights from 5pm to 1am EST from Thursday to Sunday with some exceptions obviously, but if i commit to be on at a specific time, i will make sure to be there.

    If you're an interesting and progression oriented group looking to add a reliable and skilled player to its roster, feel free to hit me up either in game (Battletag : Griever1994) or on Skype, where i'm virtually always on (if i'm away, just leave me a message and i will answer asap), Skype name Zergall1.

    Thanks for the interest :).
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