Heroes of Time, recruiting on Diablo III!

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    Goal: Clan HoT strives to create a community for gamers who are interested in the art of RPGaming

    Bio: Playing RPG games since 2010, the purpose of HoT is to provide an RPG community to RPG players and fans alike. We are to provide you with events, resources, and discussions. The Heroes of Time is a unique community like no other!

    Clients: Diablo III, Starcraft II, NEStalgia, Classic battle.net

    Website: http://clanhot.org

    • RPG community & discussion
    • Team Romming
    • Ranks
    • Chat Room
    • Forums
    • Ventrilo
    • Item Shop
    Recruitment Guidelines:
    • User must be an RPG fan
    • User register as an RPG Character as their username
    How to join us: Simply register with your RPG Character name here.

    Any questions / comments? Please reply and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Need more info? Click here
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