The Unforeseen

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    The Unforeseen is a new guild for the mature and dedicated Diablo III players.

    The purpose of the guild is for people to have someone to group up with when they are online, no matter what time this might be. For this reason, the more members, the better!

    However, one must fulfill a few criteria:

    Be mature (you can be this at almost any age!)
    Own DiabloIII (duh...)
    Play on the European Realm!
    Be friendly and helpful!
    Hopefully, the guild will have players who both play on Hardcore and Softcore, and people from both categories are welcome!

    The guild is both for those who play Diablo 3 for many hours every day and for the more casual players.

    The aim of the guild is not to be the best at everything, but simply to have fun together.

    If you meet the criteria and feel like joining, please send me a PM

    More to come...

    Thank you!
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