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    hey guys this is KOA Crixis here, guild owner. we are looking to recruit mature gamer's strictly for diablo 3. we are not a large guild, only about 12 members thus far but we are growing. Definitely looking for hardcore diablo players (not hardcore like the mode). here is some things we can offer.

    -Private ventrillo

    -Website with forums

    -guild bank with point system and bi-weekly possibly weekly give aways (high end in-game items from G-bank)

    -Youtube videos featuring clan members and possible live chat

    -friendly gaming environment for everyone

    -Northern USA server

    -much more to be planned as we grow and time grow's

    -competitive pvp

    -People from all over the world are joining us on Northern Region including people from UK/Euro

    the guild bank will be simple, we will only store 50-60 item's, depending on quality of item you will either get +5+10 or +15 pts added to a spread sheet. spread sheets will be updated on forums every friday for members to view their points, you will also be able to donate gold/materials to GB for items to be smithed for the guild. Items will be posted with pic and point value on forums at end of each day.
    I have plenty of real $$ and the RMAH is not going to be a lucrative place, i rather grow my guild and prepare them for inferno and PVP. The point system offers a give and take reward to create fairness across the board.

    if your interested just check us out i just go our site up not long ago @
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    added some more information
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    lol, diablo 3, guild. wat.
    Cool Shelf!
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    Clan is sometimes referred to Guild, ether way it don't matter, we all know what he means and that matters ;)
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    good looking website brah!
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    site has had a lot of changes, if you looked before you should look again =) enjoy
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