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    I am starting a PvP clan for Diablo 3. As soon as we can start forming a guild/clan in the game my friends and I will help you level and get gear for PvP. When Diablo becomes an eSport we will be practicing for that, learning Statigies and stuff. My friends and I are also going to be in race for world first 60. If you are seriously interested let me know there is only three of us right now.

    But for now if you want to join let me know and I will write it down. You can also email me or add my battle.net account which is the same and can be found in my profile <---. When we can start forming guilds in game messag me also for an invite.

    This is a PvP guild if you don't want to join don't post. I have all post forwarded to my phone and I'll write down you battle.net account, email or whatever. My email is [email protected]

    Also if you think off a clan name or like someone else's idea let me know.
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