New PvP concept mode: Summon Elites

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    This is an idea I recently came up with, want to put it out there, lemme know what you think..

    NEW ITEM DROP*** Demonic plans (they drop just like demonic essences but now you either get an essence or a Demonic Plan, when it drops.) A Demonic Plan with give you the ability copy the Elite/Rare that you killed for it.. for example: I killed a RARE pack of Tremors with affixes: Reflect dam, Horde, Extra dam and plague... so now that I killed this RARE Tremor I harness the power of the Rare Tremor to now FOLLOW me into the PvP arena.. the plan looks like any other plan book... and you will be able to summon that Elite/Rare for PvP once per battle... the plan is yours, though you can only use it once per battle the plan is account bound and reusable.

    NEW MAPS*** Players will be able to choose between Keep2, Fields of Misery/Slaughter, Dalguar Oasis.. These maps house large areas and ample amounts of mobs/elites... these mobs/elites are now active in PvP and Neutrally hostile...meaning they will attack any player within range equally.. and likewise will drop loot to any player within range of dying (just like group PvE), and the loot is yours and only yours BUT if you die all the gold and loot that you collected from THAT Encounter will drop for the victor (go the spoils)

    NEW PVP MODE*** (don't know what to call it yet) Here's how it works, between players you choose what MP lvl and how many summons a player can cast (you can only cast ONE elite/rare at a time, and when that elite/rare is defeated he cannot be summoned again this encounter) you begin an encounter in one of the maps.. Lets say Keep2 MP10, One cast allowed..with the plan we obtained earlier (see above Rare Recipe example), we cast it and summon the RARE Tremors right in the beginning, and now I have to navigate through keep2 and hunt down the player I am looking for.. I not only have to deal with hostile random mobs/elites(in this case +fallen lunatics) If I survived all that (and my rare Tremors), Once found, I now have to deal with my opponent who also has an elite/rare(maybe NOT if they have not casted it yet or it was killed already)... The EPIC Battle will take place and the victor will get the!! next match

    END NOTE**** now the numbers on the Elite/Rare you summoned back in MP10.. I think they should be in tune for what MP lvl the battle is taking place..and deal damage accordingly. Now for regen and healing.. that I'll let all the loose ends be figured out by Blizzard and let them balance numbers/ casts/ all technical number balancing stuff ill leave to them..this is just an idea that hit me one day after I took down an insane Rare mob affix roll.. and said to myself..damn I wish they were on my side, and took it from that idea.. any ideas are welcomed and certainly nothing is set in stone, I only made this as an example to run off of... Enjoy!

    PS... please bump if you'd want something like this to happen..maybe someone at Blizzard might like it too!!
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    I assume each player only gets 1 life each. I would leave the choice of the number of summons and mp level up to a computer to decide based on the players' gear level. It could be a pretty fun idea if implemented right, for example you wouldn't want to have to summon an elite pack by opening your inventory in the middle of combat. But good idea overall
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    I really don't find it as a fun idea, plus if it were implemented like that, people will tend to use only one elite affixes combo, which is overwhelming the other options.
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    So basicly, you wanna change the gameplay as a whole? This sounds a bit more like other games which I can remember the name(s) of since I dislike them.

    All ideas however are welcome! And good ideas are being made. Which you luck.

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    I don't want to change the gameplay just add another option to PVP.. you will still be able to go to the arena and brawl.. this is just something to do until expansion or itemization.. you know change the scenery up a bit.. and for options there are more than a few elites I'd like to bring but have to carefully choose which one to bring in the arena...and different varieties of affixes to complement each different elite.. I mean there will always be the optimal choice but with each players (class/ playstyle), I'll take some time to figure each individual out.. and what they bring to the arena.. I'd like to hear your comments on which Rare/Elite (and their affixes) you would bring with you into the arena...
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