Starting Dueling League - Blue/White Gear Only - Add battletag to join

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    Just so you guys know, PTR character copying works once more.
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    blue gear will still mean you one shot everyone also wearing blue gear. in fact it makes the game even more about one shotting because blue gear has less affixes so everyone will get say a ring with 140 dex, 8% attack speed and no other stats so damage reduction we be even less than it is now. you could say go for naked combat with a weapon purchased at a vendor in act 1 normal new tristam with no level requirment. but then everyone will only deal 50 damage or so per hit while the guys with high paragon levels will have health pools over 10k. choosing life regeneration skills such as brooding would make it so noone ever dies because brooding regenerates the same amount of damage than you will receive. there is no easy way to fix it. sugestions anyone?
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    is anyone interested in dueling right now? i'm set up already: bluezone#1144
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    Low level dueling or limited gear allowed dueling is the way to go, it'll prompt Blizzard to see how good this whole thing can be. I remember back in the days when I was really into D2 I spent a lot of time getting geared up for level 29 dueling. I'd be maticulous about it and get some of the best gear possible. Charms included (some dmg/ar/life charms had an exact lvl 29 req). I often joined public games where I'd face level 80+ chars who were err.. new to the game.. and I beat them with my 29 amazon. Needless to say I was called a cheater all over the place, something which I only took as a compliment.
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    I like this idea, but nobody is going to be wearing white gear if blue gear is an option. Regardless, count me in.

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    good idea add me Shadowflyx#2626
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    EU - Deadmau5#2500

    Add me if you want to fight!
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    Robczan#2385 (EU)
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    I just bought some blue items add me selem#2835 EU server
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