DH traps visible for opponents?

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    Wtf? They are not traps then.. They are just stupid devices on the ground for stupid brainless ppl who run in..
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    It's the same with arcane mines and skills of the sort, cause let's be honest, 3 traps kill a well geared guy, they are supposed to be used as a strategy to lure your opponent to one side or stop him from running to were u want to go, use them on top of the portal and u are guarented some kills :P
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    Double post sry
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    Hmm m8 its not same (just the name TRAP and MINES.. Hmm maybe it is, lol.. Mines are usually used as traps) i know dh is pretty op anyway but u know how i mean it.. Traps suppose to be hidden.. When u see a trap its not a trap anymore..
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    so mousetrap is not a trap, following your logic?

    nothing implies that traps or caltrops muist be hidden.

    do you spend some time burrowing them underground during a duel? no - you throw them randomly on the ground
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    mouse trap is a trap for mouse, it has got hidden mechanism for mouse, she just see the cheese, nothing that could kill her..

    hmm ok sry for that, i just felt it like that.. mainly caltrops rly sucks when they are visible but w/e
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