Diablo 3 - Dueling. Good or bad?

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    Well, ppl still like D2 pvp and it's arguably worse than this.

    How is this different from D2?
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    Well, ppl still like D2 pvp and it's arguably worse than this.

    How is this different from D2?

    You still oneshot there, atleast what I have experienced, and later years when I decided to return to D2 with the "runeword" system I saw ALOT of people had that Enigma armor granting sorc teleport and everyone was using it, teleporting around each other and who ever got the hit won.
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    Not much difference from D2 PvP. I don't see any problem.

    I guess a bit more specific PvP options would be nice so this PvP could truly be different from D2 PvP.
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    Decided to test out dueling on the PTR client 1.0.7. As you can see it didn't work out too well. May the person with the best gear win and the others fall to their demise. Not what I expected after eight months of development...

    I mean no disrespect but.....what you just said there is pretty darn silly. Diablo is no MMO. It is supposed to be about who has the best gear. Whether you have no life and played 12 hours a day to get your gear, played for 3 hours a night after work for a year to get your gear or you whipped out your bank account for your gear...........Diablo is, has been and hopefully always will be about the gear.
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    By the looks of videos I've been seeing on YouTube, it's very reminicant of D2 PvP.

    ^ this

    It also goes to prove how many people jumped on the "I played D2 bandwagon" without really doing so.

    From my somewhat limited D2 PvP experience: there was no way out of stunlock Charge Paladins. There was no way to dodge an Amazon throwing 100 homing-piercing arrows at your direction. There was no way to dodge Thunder Storm/Frozen Orb Sorcs or a Bone Spirit Necro.

    10+ years went by and they didn't "fix" anything. The skills remained the same. But don't worry, they will very likely fix some of those more broken strategies. They listen a lot more nowadays than what people give credit.
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    I'm enjoying dueling so far. I really don't have any significant complaints -- as a DH, WD for me are pretty tough to beat, but I'm sure someone will figure out a counter build.Then again, I don't have amazing gear.

    Something that may be cool is if they added a faster regen buff for all players in the dueling arena (would disappear if you leave though).
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    I think the high damage is fun, but I agree on the damage taken needs to be reduced somehow. Are you sure CC reduction from gear does not work? I might test this myself...

    This is my top classes in pvp:
    1. Demon Hunter
    2. Monk
    3. Witch Doctor
    4. Barbarian
    5. Wizard

    I think DHs have the advantage of smokescreening and impale (stun/CD rune are really powerful), and the WD with hex is gamebreaking. No life regen stats seem to be very effective in pvp since it's all about burst damage and crowd control.
    Maybe switching to normal difficulty (increasing the effective life steal) will make it abit more balanced?

    I like the pvp but I do not like the lack of a scoreboard, lack of community system (to connect to other pvp'ers or so) and the lack of a Win/loss ratio + Kill/death ration records in your profile
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    Very bad pvp, looks on youtube old diablo1 duels it was be interesing
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    well PTR dueling reminds me of this:

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    I think possible fix for 1-2 shotting could be that MP would affect how much damage is reduced by players. There is a wide variety of players and I dont think one reduced damage percentage fits for everyone. Adjusting the percentage by changing MP, you could have short/long fights, just as you wish.

    capping single damage affix (CHD) is not a solution, since then people needed to have separate PvP gear. They might have now too, but atleast the whole set wont change, when PvPing.
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    this looks like d2 dueling. The best gear wins.

    Why do people expect anything different in a gamegenre where damage is 100% dictated by randomly dropped gear?

    Balancewise it was terrible in d2 and will be terrible in d3, its the nature of the game
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