PvP blog up on TW battlenet.....

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    ok so there is a post on TW battle.net supposedly by jay wilson....and it says they are not brining arena ...but just dueling >.

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    so they basically saying it took them 6 months to scrap deathmatch :) well done.

    oh yeah pvp for dummies will be in 1.07.
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    Well we have been screwed in the ass by blizz in every game by now so this is not a big surprise...
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    sorry but i'm not sure i understand whats written there..not like i care much..
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    It's up on the US site now. I wish they would stop acting as if "when it's ready" applies to this game anymore. We have learned that them taking an exorbitant amount of time produces mediocre results. They are too obtuse about fixing things and seem very disconnected from what the gaming communities want from this series. These are the results of that attitude I guess.
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    Hehe, so they bribe us with some dueling so they can work another six month on the PVP which they prolly started from stratch with again. Not at all into PVP but it's pretty bad taking over a year for something that on the box says "soon after relase"...
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    hm ok..they focussed on team deathmatch for some months now and came to the conclusion, that it's not the way to go for d3..so what is? any other options available? maybe they should go the way of the thrall-warcraft-rpg or starcraft:ghost and cancel the whole shit?!

    i don't see whats wrong about playing pvp for only some time..it's not like >50% of d2 community (or WoW) was even interested one tidbit in pvp..
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    Wtf is dueling? 1 vs 1? Is that a joke or what?
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    lmao so it takes them all this time to pretty much be like..."well our original PVP format of arena style team duels blew, so we decided to wait 5 months to tell you..our bad..enjoy 1v1's". that's the TLDR version. Ah well I quit playing a few weeks ago in hopes that I'd see some good news..apparently not. It was fun while it lasted diablo 3.
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    Yep. That right. I don't give a single fuck anymore. They took a kick in fanboys balls today.

    Its pretty funny don't you think ? :D So much time and this:

    oh hi guys, we just though the arena would work but its not working. So... well we've got nothing! Enjoy!
    Forever yours
    Jay "motherfuckin" Wilson

    So happy that full PoE will come out soon.
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    Moving to PvP.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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