Paragon level increases resilience

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    Resilience ruined WoW, don't let it ruin D3 also. WoW was fun when the PVPers had to PVE to get their high end gear.. and some PVEers had to PVP to get some upgrades for PVE. Once resilience was introduced, it segregated the players into two separate groups, which in turn ruined raids and broke up guilds.
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    Diablo PVP
    Unbalanced, Unfair, total carnage.

    I dont see anything wrong with that. Diablo is not, and should not be a game where PVP gets anything more than a afterthought.
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    Indeed Sigma, just my point :=)
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    Quote from MeffectM

    Quote from Vooodu

    Quote from MeffectM

    Quote from Vooodu

    Quote from Kyosukekano

    .. or I would at least like that.
    With each paragon level you receive a certain percentage of reduced crit dmg and crit chance on you.
    Make it so that up to paragon level 50 you get the most benefit out of it, and that you can level paragon with pvp tokens.

    What do you think?

    I don't understand what "resilience" means but i get your idea. I just think your full idea is pointless.

    Truth is Crit Damage has no place in PVP. Its a PVM stat used to help kill monsters with billion of health faster, nothing more and nothing else.

    Instead of what ever idea you are trying to make come to life. Removing crit damage all together its the right way to go.

    Thats not an option for them. It would make crit a trash stats, which is not what they want.

    Wrong.... It would make CRIT a PVM stat. Just like alot of other stats/skills would be totally useless in PVP. And lets face it, the most over-used, over stacked and abused stat gimmick in Diablo 3 is crit. Removing it from pvp would not only be smart but make different items 'WORTH" something.

    Theres NO point for crit in pvp.. At all. Making it not work in pvp would not make it worthless since it would still be the biggest PVM stat.

    Removing it only balances out damage. Which is a good thing.

    Yet its 100% sure that they wont remove crits, they will make it so you have to balance your stat, not flat out ignore them. Beside Magic and gold find every other stat has places in PVP, even things like Life on kill and Health globe bonus have purpose in PVP, because people die quicker then elites will and because health globes spawns in PVP, if you can get a single health globe to heal you to full, its a good stat.

    You can balance crit by making a flat damage reduction. As i tried to explain so here ill go again. Even if your crit DMG is 500%, which it is on my barb, you have to have the crit chance to make it happen into an average of damage. If your crit DMG is 600% with 5 % crit and the damage reduction is like D2, flat, to a 95% reduction, your damage will be garbage You will be forced to have a good ammount of every stats. If you remove only 1 stats all it does is make people forget a single stat and stack something else instead of being balanced. Hell it would make stats like resist and armor facultative because the huge damage people do come from crit damage.

    There is no reason to cut off 2 of the most important offensive stats if you already have ways to average everything out. You make the DPS average with crit in mind and its that simple. Crit chance and Crit damage are 2 stats that are pretty easy to get alot, so the damage reduction needs to be to an ammount that actually take these stats into consideration, 95% seems to be that mark to me. Even on my best 3 million damage crit, after resist and armor its reduced to a 13000 damage crit (with flat 95% reduction on players D2 style), thats without cooldown to further reduce, thats resonable and to achive a reliable 3 million crit, i had to invest in crit chance and thats during cooldowns.

    They wont remove any stats but the one they already are removing: Magic find. Even pick up radius will be useful for class like WD in PVP as Health globes spawn all over the arena and provide buffs in many specs.

    Things that will most likealy also be reduce along with flat damage is Life on Hit and Life steal, probably close to the ammount where inferno already nerf life steal. Because a damage reduction means if people takes 10+ crit to die, they will need to heal a little slower then the damage.

    It also balance monk healing, which are flat numbers that do not scale, unlike the healing stats. Monk healing in a flat damage reduction environement are easy to keep balanced. Because they cant be trash and heal too low or keep the monk alive forever if he is geared too well. So the flat reduction will keep them in the middle of that scale depending on the % blizzard goes with.

    What ever.... IF D3 pvp has crit and health globes im not even touching that garbage,

    Crit has no place in pvp. Let alone health globes.

    Im getting sick of this game anyways...Nothing but a boring crit fest and no pvp in sight.

    Path of Exile....
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    Quote from Gebby

    awful idea. it would force people to be 50 to pvp

    Lucky for us, PVP got cancelled until further notice except for dueling! :Thumbs Up:
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