I fear Monk's status in PvP.

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    its just your build, they can be very very offensive, but a great survivor
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    Glass cannon Monk DOES work and you can clear Inferno doing it. You just have to kite with Tempest Rush (tail wind) and only do damage when Serenity is up. You should take little to no damage if you do it right.

    I disagree with OP, Monk is my main and I was thinking the opposite that Monks are going to be quite strong in PvP.
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    Quote from Malkishua

    Hello everyone!

    So after a very long time I've made a choice of either going Monk or Wizard. Not sure what I'm going to go for first though, but discussing this specific issue might help me out a lot.

    I worry that the damage output of the Monk would be reduced due to his ability to heal. I like the Monk class regardless of its healing powers. So I want to be sure that my damage would be the same as a Barb's \ Wizard's if executed correctly. I can't seem to shake off the "Pure DPS class" issue off my head.

    Or even WORSE. No matter what game I play, I always end up choosing the underdog class, that does the least damage and needs to work the hardest to justify itself, and even more worse then that, I always end up healing because of that, and I'm tired of it. I don't want to be pushed into a corner I can't get out of where I'm, considering me being a Monk, I'm forced to bring a fuckton of healing spells on my bar just to justify my place in the arena, or not be taken at all since I will do less damage then other classes.

    Also, regarding moving impaling effects (slows, etc), what are your thoughts about trying to catch a DH, Wiz, or a WD? seems like except for Dashing strike (which is utterly amazing, TOO amazing if you ask me, which I fear of it getting nerfed) we have no means of getting to our target.

    I don't want to be a support class that is only being brought because of its Auras, or utilities in general. For once, I want to take names (ears) and kick some ass and enjoy the game.

    What are your opinions on this?

    i think you dont fully understand the power of a monk, i would check some live streams or youtube vids, the monk (if you kit him up in speed gear) is quite a formidable monster, and i would even be tempted to cry nerf! :) that said, i look forward to the fights, you have nothing to worry about honestly, check or even play hardcore self, and you will see they are front standing of dps and damage soakers. the fact that a WD can rack up 400k dps (i have read of 600k), is something that must be address, even if i am a wd player myself :)
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    I dont care who you are but being a melee..you will lose to ranged. so many slows and ways to avoid damage. Plus im wondering how they will balance people with stupid high dps? like athene has 400k dps...that will 1 shot anyone!
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    it doesnt matter what character you will be playing or aiming for pvp matches. whats important is that you enjoy that character and know how to maximize his abilities. a good monk could deal a ton of damage if geared and played right just like any other character. and i think the 7 sided strike of monk could be a very good skill choice, up to 9 hits with immunity while hitting is very good.
    also a good knowledge of other class skills and abilities gives an edge in pvp i think.

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    I personally think monks are gunna destroy in PvP.

    Dashing strike plus thunderclap? Hello.
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    Quote from Lasers

    I personally think monks are gunna destroy in PvP.

    Dashing strike plus thunderclap? Hello.

    While I move around using strafe the entire time (with that guys build from yesterday, 100% uptime, 100% movement speed, 6 attacks a second and they instant hit without aim) and I'll just keep popping smoke screen which doesn't break strafe and kite ya'll around =D

    man I can't wait for pvp so we can all yell at each other as to why our class will outplay your class =P =P
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    Monk dps is awesome too. It won't be able to show on your character sheet though due to this:

    You can buff all your offensive skill ( most of time is Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath + Blinding Flash - Faith of light) and then buff sweeping wind(sw) - cyclone. SW will catch your initial dps and keep there until they fell off . Further more , you can use MOC ( mantra of convic + overawe 24% additional dmg ) .

    All of things above won't show on your character dps. You won't see like 100k dps monk on character profile page ( well you do some godly monk but that's not the case) but 40-50k dps monk will do like 100k+ dps with this method
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    What puzzles me is how they're going to do gear and PVP.

    Obviously the gear you need for PVP will be very different. Are we going to get a different gear setup save for PVP?
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    i cant wait to test my monk out against squishy DH's and WD's. i would imagine Wizards would be quite hard to kill though.
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    Idk I still think that monks only advantage will be their ability to stick on a target. Not so much kill them though :
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    Monk is by far the most versatile char.
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    Monks are gonna be to beast in pvp
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    I think if anything, we'll see those scales tip the opposite way, in favor of the monk. I think he'll be really potent in PvP because of the heals that also raise damage.
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    I think Monk can be pain in the ass...xD I can see how monk is glued to you with thunderclap. I think if there is 4vs4, monk will be nice class to have in your group! :)
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    Plenty of skills for a Monk to use. I wouldnt worry about being pegged into a certain build.
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    you'r never the "underdog-class" .... i think you are refering to wow. every single classforum there (whichever website you go to) is full of "our class is so weak lol" threads. and everybody argues to be so far behind others. the grass is always greener on the other side...

    90% of that is untrue or lack of inspiration to do better.
    monks have some disadvantages - but they won't be bad. and they are definitely not healers! the heals do basically nothing - healreg, lifeleech, LoH do quite a lot more. you may consider that they are really really expensive - which is maybe the one big point you can really make against monks.

    just play what you love - and try to be awesome at it. then you will never play the underdog class ;)
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    I believe the Monk will act as a front line juggernaut, capable of sticking to the enemies glass cannons. I don't see much use in being a glass cannon themselves, instead relying on a balanced offense and very good damage mitigation and mobility, acting almost as an off-tank who can pick his targets everytime.

    The ability to take a 75% reduction in damage while being impaired will be crucial to penetrating through the only means of defense the squishes have at keeping them at bay, and eventually their cooldowns will fall behind the monks ability to absorb the punishment they take while CC'd and stick to them the entire fight.

    The mobility advantage will speak for itself alone, the fact Monks can have 2 dashes equipped in there skill set, one of which is free and the other of which can have a CC on impact will be huge. If a Monk in pvp sets his mind to help his team by focusing on the Glass Cannons only, he can keep sticking to one until they place themselves out of the fight trying to escape and immediately dash at long range to another squishy that is still in the fight and keep creating these tactical 4 on 3's for a few seconds all throughout the match.

    I personally do not fear a lack of effectiveness at all for the Monk, is a 4 man Monk team going to be the answer? no of course not, but they will be crucial to success for your team, and having 1 on the team will be a huge benefit as long as they don't feel the need to be just another glass cannon who gets blown up by the first CC he encounters. It will all depend on how many Monks are stubborn enough to keep there PvE builds in PvP, and not taking into consideration the skill set of other classes compared to mobs in act 3.
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    This thread is ridiculous.
    We have no idea what PvP will be like.
    Play what you enjoy.
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    Quote from Chazzamuffin

    This thread is ridiculous.
    We have no idea what PvP will be like.
    Play what you enjoy.

    it is ridiculous to assume they will overhaul all skills just for pvp. offcource we have an idea what pvp will be like, whe've been playing this game for months, skills will be the same in pvp as in pve
    the only thing we don't know are what damage and healing reductions will be in effect during pvp
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