If one shoting gets fixed

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    Lets think about it for a second, critical hit damage gets fixed for PvP and one shotting is no longer the case.

    Life on hit will be the next big think

    imagine monk or barbarian with 2000+ life on hit and 2.00+ attack speed then add frenzy or another fast hitting skill to that

    Reminds me of life tap smiters in D2 but this time with permament life tap on target :P
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    The resistances and armour of players = no 1 shotting
    and I have no doubt they'll make life steal / on hit from gear not work in pvp, same as D2
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    "If one shotting gets fixed..."

    Because PvP is so broken right now...oh..wait...it doesn't exist. But lets have have discussions about what we think is going to be broken about it.
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    My sister's a slut. Just saying.
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    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    My sister's a slut. Just saying.
    Nerf her now!
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    i did last night
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    I think Wizz with Skorn can one shot everybody with his Archon =)
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    I don't think you people take me seriously :P so i decided to provide some evidences

    If critical damage doesn't get fixed, everythink will be one shotting THEREFOR its very likely it will get fixed

    The next BIG OVERPOWERED STAT WILL BE life on hit

    I recently met this guy on forums

    Do you realise this guy will never die EVER in PvP ? unless another player stack life on hit but then they both lock themselves in eternal never ending battle.

    Mr Exile is back, but this time stronger then ever

    Say hello to Mr Exile

    Note: i just googled that picture of exile
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    Valid point, start finding LoH gear I suppose for the future, unless they reduce all secondary stats on players somehow... I honestly have no idea how PvP will be "balanced enough" to have fun.
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    The funny part is Life%steal will be yet again very poor since it is effected by armor and resists
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    Crit damage doesn't need a "fix". If anything, the word you're looking for is "nerf".
    However, for PvP pretty much all damage needs to be nerfed somehow, not just crit damage
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    I'm pretty sure LoH and Lifesteal HAVE to work in PvP, Albeit -- at a diminished value, however -- taking that away makes some classes clearly inferior.
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    The problem with being so tanky in PvP is that, appart from 1v1 situations where you can never die, you're not going to be able to help much.

    With the current 3v3/4v4 score-based PvP model, if you aren't killing, you're probably not helping your team a lot. Unless you've got mostly CC, and it's ok to have tanky-cc builds/characters. And even then (if you plays moba games) you know what happens to tanky-cc heroes there: people scatter, avoid them like the plague and kill their allies ;)

    Look at that DH. If people with 150k dps will have trouble killing (due to armor and resists), his 20k dps is probably 100% negligible. You could let him hit you for 30 seconds and he still wouldn't kill you, so you just throw your spells at other players and avoid his cc.
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    With the current 3v3/4v4 score-based PvP model

    if that is what PvP will be all about ill likely be uninstalling D3
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    They'll fix it through the pvp gear imo. There's a new vendor datamined named pvp vendor right?
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    Quote from Wrathfire

    They'll fix it through the pvp gear imo. There's a new vendor datamined named pvp vendor right?

    He's right. I think so to...
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    Yeah, I'm sure they'll negate some of the effects of Critical Hit Damage boosters, and probably greatly nurf (or remove) Life on Hit / Life Steal in PvP.
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    just hope WW barbs will be OP^^
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    Quote from stroeckx

    just hope WW barbs will be OP^^

    Nooope. They will suck, no fury regen in pvp.

    Next big thing? How about my tank barb with 130k HP and 3.5K HP/s 11k Armor 100k DPS etc etc :D
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    Quote from stroeckx

    just hope WW barbs will be OP^^

    No way.. WW barb will suck @pvp. Throw barb and tanky barbs will own!
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