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    While playing D3, I was looking at some of the random items I had from a run (mostly useless, non-magical items) and thought of an interesting PvP game style.

    What if there was an option for a PvP match that removed your ability to use magical items? In the match, you would only be able to use gear which had no bonuses to them and only their base defensive and or offensive stats. The reason I say this is because as far as anyone else is concerned, those type of items are useless and cheap. Not even game merchants sell those items, and you don't see anybody selling them on the auction house.

    This would give players who have low budgets the ability to participate in PvP without having to worry about spending tons of cash on expensive gear for normal PvP matches. They could focus on using that cheap, non-magical gear which is otherwise useless for PvE and would be useless for normal PvP matches. It would also give a somewhat useful existence to the items.

    The only problems I see for this is the inability to use rings, amulets, and some off-hand items such as magic sources or mojos. Of course, it can always be tweaked to allow those items, regardless of their magical abilities.

    What do you guys think?
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    I doubt anyone would play this mode, ever.
    A similar gamemode would be to simply have everyone have a predetermined set of gear so that everyone has the same stats, this would create a fair and much more easily balaned pvp environment.
    This does seem detrimental to the "Diablo spirit"(Which is to find the biggest and best items so you can bask in their greatness) though and i doubt it would be implemented
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    just let us duel in game and we can do whatever we want
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    Quote from medozg

    just let us duel in game and we can do whatever we want

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    Gear in Diablo 3 increase your effectiveness exponentially. I think they have lot of issue to solve before releasing the PvP...
    You could be oneshooted or be invulnerable easily if they make mistakes in the process.
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    we want pvp
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    A competitive blue gear only mode sounds fun, but then top end blue gear will be mega expensive lol
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    blizzard should make pvp only gear and that's the only fair solution for all players
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    blood moor no rules free for all death fest dueling imo
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    Quote from medozg

    just let us duel in game and we can do whatever we want

    I hear that.
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    From what I gathered of what blizzard has said already, they will be splitting up PvP into gear tiers, so that you will play against someone with very similar gear to you. So yes, that idea wouldn't ever be played if they decided to implement something like that.
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    Quote from Coho

    blood moor no rules free for all death fest dueling imo

    in hardcore lol
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