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    I have an idea for PvP, because as i see it right now i can't get it to be good in any way.
    I see way higher dmg than defensive bonuses, and a huge advantage for ranged classes, so here is my suggestion:
    (I don't know how the queue is gonna work but i imagine a queue from the menu)

    When you play PvP you got NONE of your current gear. When a character hits lvl 60 it would get a PvP set, identical to other of the same class (would be 5 different starter sets - 1 for each class). When you play PvP you get some sort of points (let's call is Pvp points ^^ ) When you win a game it could be 5 points, and 1 for loosing or something like that. Then there's a shop kinda like the blacksmith. You should be able to pay points for items like shoulders with 4, 5 or 6 properties. (And ofc you would be able to make rings + amulets too)
    They could then decrease the crit, as, dex, str, int on PvP items and increase stats like Vitality, all resistance or just nerf the other stats enough to balance surviveability. Ofc the PvP set shouldn't fill up in your inventory, so after you 3 tabs in your bank there should just be a tab with the exact space for all your slots, or just for storing any other place. You could pay like 50 or 100 or any other number ofc to get certain legendaries for pvp. Ever item have a certain "rank" determined by stats, and your character get a rank from items. Then you would meet other people with same total rank from items. If you played more players together it could be an average of all your total rank, or something like that

    Feel free to add anything. It was just a quick idea and just wanted to see if it was crap or if anyone liked it (:

    Thank you for your time.
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    Honestly, this would be absolutely terrible because that would essentially make all the PvE farm runs absolutely useless and worthless. The whole point in PvE farming is to gear up and use that gear to beat on other players. If you take out PvE farming and people showing off the gear they got, what's a Diablo game?
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    Terrible idea, IF, it is the only mode available.

    But, I actually like the gear-less mode, it makes the PvP based only on skill (and latency disparity, of course).
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    Haha ty for your feedback ^^
    It was also just something i came up with real quick. Might as well try it right? :P

    Well yeah i thought the same thing with more skill.
    ATM i'm thinking DH hungering arrow gonna be OP
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    Moved to the PvP forums.

    We need to be able to cast walls (similar to the elites) to screw DH's :P
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    Good idea!
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