Duels and Hostility in *Private Only*

Poll: Should dueling and/or hostility be enabled in *Private* games?

Dueling and Hostility in Private Games

Should dueling and/or hostility be enabled in *Private* games? - Multiple Choice

  • Neither 29.6% of Users - 34 votes
  • Just dueling enabled 35.7% of Users - 41 votes
  • Just hostility enabled 2.6% of Users - 3 votes
  • Both dueling and hostility enabled 32.2% of Users - 37 votes
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    Quote from keldaur1

    To be honest, both options are weak. If i wanted grief on pvp , i would play a MMORPG, and duels aren't really exciting to me.

    OK.... so both options are weak because you don't like pvp to begin with. Good one.
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    Quote from Adon

    Quote from Gryzorz

    "Hey wanna join my private hostility game so we can gank each other by surprise ? Sounds so exciting to be caught by surprise"

    This thread failed by putting the hostility troll back into the debate.

    Duel is fail because it's impossible to duel without letting the rest of the group handle the purpose of the game (which is PvM) alone.


    K so I join your game with my brother. We decide that you know what... were gonna go do a different part of the act and not work with you, or you know what...were gonna gather all of the lore we can and really savor every moment of the game. Mess with the blacksmith for a few hours maybe, respawn the merchant gear for an hour or so... So tell me..hows that PvM going for you? Oh...I didn't just do the exact thing that you said dueling would do to you did I?

    Before someone posts "Oh that wouldn't happen!" Oh it would, actually I am pretty inclined to do just that, because of these conversations we have here. The ignorance in most of these posts and the white knights that ride into the PvP section that have no reason to be here other then to try and talk down to PvP'ers, is exactly why the hostile system suited me so well over the years, it was simple. You spew BS, I hit a button and boom...no more BS, perfect bliss.

    I post my opinion among others just so Blizz knows that there are loads of people supporting them.

    I wouldn't want them to believe there are only D2 PvP nostalgics here.

    I know they won't because they know that when some part of the community whines, the other agrees with them but don't tell so.

    But... you know... just in case...
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    It's ok even if that isn't the case, which is beyond likely. Opinions are great things.
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