Mhurlz PvP Throwing Weapon Build

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    So i posted this for the beta contest, but figured i send it to the Pvp forums to discuss.

    Anyways, i decided to put together a Ranged PvP Throwing Barb to share with the community. I'll keep it short, but the main idea is to keep your distance, poke corners and smash people with throwing axes, while trying to get a stun (75% chance to stun with ruined throw hammer).!fTe!bbZbaZ

    Fury Generators
    Start off each round with War Cry - increases armor, but really using this with Charge to generate an awsome 60 fury.
    when you see an enemy toss a few axes, then rope them in with ancient spear. i runes this with skirmish which again double the fury generated by it.

    Main damage will be from weapon throw, ruined with throw hammer giving us a 75% chance!! to stun. every 3 of 4 hits will stun, seems OP but ill take it.
    Once stunned we can continue to throw weapons or get in close and use Bash with the Clobber ruin to try and keep the stun going.

    Ignore pain with bravado will reduce all damage by 65% for 3 seconds, but more importantly knock back enemies when triggered. This will help against monks or melee barbs. pop it and run while throwing weapons.
    I also put in sprint to close ground, escape and dodge! this is ruined to increase the duration to 5 seconds and 50% increase in movement speed.

    No escape - increase throw and ancient spear dmg. and some nice bonus to both when they crit.
    Juggernaut - stuns / snares reduced by 20% and gain 15% of total life when stunned. Obvious PvP passive, but will help since you need to keep moving with this build.
    Superstition - gain 3 fury when you take damage from a ranged attack. again, good against all ranged PvP classes, mostly took this to combat wizards or demon hunters.
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