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Poll: Which game mode would you want in the arena?

Arena game modes

Which game mode would you want in the arena? - Single Choice

  • TDM (Team Deathmatch) 60.3%
  • LMS (Last Man Standing) 39.7%
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    LMS feels a little too luck based. I mean its never fun to be the first one targeted. Sure it might be fun the first coupe times, but I'd say the novelty would wear thin pretty quick..

    TDM would be much more team oriented, you would have to work with your allies to beat the opposing team. Skill and knowledge of the game would become critical. Coming up with combos and strategies and the like etc etc..
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    trololol... the exactly same reasons you gave for tdm you can give as explanation for LMS too @nibilly
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    Quote from Conax

    Leeodin: I'll take your advice and remove the both option. It makes sense. Thanks.

    Personally i prefer LMS because it feels more skill based, more exciting and more competetive. You can still have LMS in the arenas without it becoming an e-sport, its just simply a cool/fun/interesting feature. TDM dsnt seem as challenging and as skill based, it just seems rather pointless and not as rewarding. There is no need to have a specific tactic in TDM other than dumping your cooldowns to maximize your dmg output on a single target. The choices you make in TDM dsnt have as heavy concequences as it does in LMS and thats why LMS is more exciting and fun. Tactics, good judgement and teamwork is key to having a good and fun PvP experience. TDM pretty much eliminates all of those things imo.

    I agree. They're already making the PvP casual without ranks and stats, now they're making it even more casual with TDM.

    People seem to have trouble understanding that for a lot of us, the game will eventually get boring if you do nothing but PvE. PvP gives the game much needed longevity. I really hope, (maybe with an expansion) that they'll add more PvP options and ranks.
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    Quote from The_Choob

    People seem to have trouble understanding that for a lot of us, the game will eventually get boring if you do nothing but PvE. PvP gives the game much needed longevity. I really hope, (maybe with an expansion) that they'll add more PvP options and ranks.

    I agree, and the stress is on the bolded part. Not for everyone, but for a lot of people, including me, the ultimate goal of getting gear is to be able to use it against other players competitively be it a duel, or a ranked 2v2, not just random free for all without a meaningful purpose. Getting gear just for the sake of having it is dull for me.
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    Team deathmatch in large numbers would be awesome! A bg for diablo would be great fun. But i would like them to make a mode in which therei s open world dueling.. But to avoid going off track maybe they should have both these modes?
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    I wont vote, cuz more choices is better as u can pick what u like base on your style and mood.
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    Telemachus "I prefer a game mode where the idea is to stay alive and kill the other team"

    Isnt that the point of any game mode? surviving and killing the other team? :P I dont see your logic here.
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    I'd prefer Last Man Standing, nothing like non-stop action compiled with team-work. It would be very interesting. There is a gamemode like it in Dead Island not sure how many people play that game. While that game is more suited to that type of game-play it's not limited for Diablo 3.

    Would be fun trying out different techniques for different enemies.
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    Can i vote for both ? i mean im a type of player that LOVES lots of modes to play with.
    I know in life its normaly quanlity over quantity but having more modes doesnt hurt anyone, i donno why blizzard is being so stubborn about this, im not asking for them to delay the game even more of it, but please, in future patchs, give us new modes, i know Diablo is all about PVE but for crying out loud PVP works on it too and it IS fun, grinding hours after hours/days to find an item and being able to use that to kick some @ss....makes the hunt worth, so i truely hope bliz bring us all the modes they can, be deathmatch, CapFlag, LMS, dota-like, whatever.
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    Although I've never played this game before, I am getting it for free, and I'm a huge PvP fan in WoW, so I think TDM would be much better than LMS. It would allow people to play however they want instead of where in LMS most people would be playing extremely defensive and it might not be as fun and exciting.
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    TDM most of the time! Im pretty sure atleast 3 of my friends are going to play this game very extensively so TDM will be the best options since i normally hate to slay my friends XD On the other hand when i play alone i think i will go for LSM too [Bloodlust on] its simply a good feeling to be the last one alive on top of the mangled bodies of my unworthy enemies BWAHAHA! [Bloodlust off]

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    LMS is more my style, as long as the matches dont go on for aggggeeeeessss, like if you died early on, it would kick you back to the main menu or something
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    TDM for sure like 2v2, 3v3, 5v5. maybe even capture the flag with bigger team setups.
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    I enjoy TDM personally. Dont really know if its more about the fact I've been into shooters for a long time or what, but somehow they feel a lot more fit for my gamestyle. Also, TDM in general feels like something your teams setup might not be AS important in as in LMS, but maybe thats just my opinion. Guess when I hear "LMS" a picture of a tank standing ontop of a hill with 9 people keeping him alive pops to mid.
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