level for pvp?

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    What is the minimum level requirement to enter into pvp?
    Are there level range brackets for pvp? (1-9, 10-19, etc?)
    Do they balance the teams evenly? One team not all higher levels and other stuck on lower end.

    Just wondering how it works :)
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    I think you can pretty much enter whenever you create a character. Although saying that there must be a lvl where this is allowed. It must be between 1-27 because beta players are plaiyng it and thats their max lvl. I hope that it achieveable quickly though and certainly not that its at cap!
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    Not to sure on the starting level but if there is one it can't be very high. And don't think there are brackets.
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    I think there is only lvl 60 pvp.
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    It's possible they'll have level ranges. Nothing is set in stone right now I don't think. Probably 60 only and a set of lower level groups like 10-19 etc. If they do it. Sounds like just 4v4 at launch though. That seems limited to me, so maybe just a level 60 version at launch.

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    I think you can pvp pretty quick. But you will by set to someone of your own power. But on lv 60 I think it becomes the most interesting. Further how everything is gonna work 100% is not known yet.
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    I've heard they would add brackets like (for example) lv10-20 / 21-30 etc
    I hope they do cuz, even though im gonna focus on lvling up till i can have fun in pvp, i would like to play once or twice in pvp on the way to 60 without getting my butt whooped =p
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    There will have to be level brackets or an auto-matching around same level system involved..

    Nobody wants to jump in at level 7 and get 1 shot by the level 53 person :S
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    There's no solid information yet, but I expect brackets OR only level 60 PvP.
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    Most MMORPGs I've tried have gotten pretty similar & pretty solid working systems, reach level 10 or something which you will do relatively quick and then you can join whatever sort of battleground they're adding. I wouldn't mind this, also a level range within 5 or max 10 levels and on higher levels maybe even smaller range if there are enough players so the queues won't be too long :)
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    If there's gonna be pvp only for max levels then I'm disappointed. I mean not everyone has time to get level 60 fast, but I'm pretty sure most of the people wants to PVP. There should be level-brackets just like in world of warcraft battlegrounds. 10 levels difference max between each player in the team isn't a huge problem. Just my 2 cents :)
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    I'm hoping for it to be at any level with the bracket style, If it is only for max level I am very disappointed. I was hoping to get straight in to it.

    I think the brackets should be every 5 levels as 10 levels in diablo is a very very big difference, imagine a level 20 against a level 30 :D. the level 20 would probably get one shot. Has this concern even been discussed before? I will try to get a response on twitter to see what is going on.
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    I'm pretty sure you can jump in whenever you want but hopefully will have some sort of system in place that balances out who you can PVP with. As a example, if your a level 10 you can PVP with people 5-10 levels higher or lower. Anybody above that or below that would not be eligable for PVP. I remember D2 starting a new Character and trying to do my own thing and BAM some guy 20-30 levels higher then me with tripped out gear would just come and tear me up out of nowhere.

    Being a high level picking on guys who can't compete with you is no fun and vice versa. If there is a level requirement, you can atleast spend that time leveling up and finding cool items to PVP with in the mean time.
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    PvP all the way ftw? :D
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    is not mmo
    they had focus on pve
    i just want pveeeee
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    Its only on lvl 60 .. you didn`t read any news, guys ?
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    Oh, it's only level 60, k then.

    Nevermind. lol
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    It's really only at level 60? Although I can deal with that, it's largely dissapointing. I mean, I'd love to get a taste of play vs player at younger stages to set me up for end game. But alas, I'll have to be patient. Either way, I'm sure it'll be awesome.
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