How is patch 13 going to affect your PVP strategy?

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    Let's say that the game goes live with the current class changes in place...

    Is anyone turning away from their favorite (and now nerfed) Monk or Witch Doctor builds in favor of the buffed up Barb?

    How do you think that other changes in this newest patch is going to affect your PVP plans?
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    When I get into the beta, and trying out all classes I will answer this difficult question:D
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    I would by most likely by experimenting. Since the character will now lv the runes to. If the old system was in place I would have 2 or 3 maxed skills to use. But now I can use what I want. So this surely change the stratagy. I will by rolling a demon hunter. Hope its good in pvp.
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    I think you can only gauge so much on paper/@ lvl13. I think once the game opens up we will have a more comprehensive idea. I'm still going 2 be playing the Monk. I've always much rather play a nerfed character than an OP one. Don't want people to have excuses in PvP. Not to say I'm only playing the Monk cause he has been nerfed :P
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    I would hope people play the class they find most appealing and not playing the FOTM class because it is the best so they can smash their way through the game's PvP AND PvE aspects as fast as possible... *WoW flashbacks* =(

    I'm going to try most of them though ^_^
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    For me, having read the changed it seems like the changed aren't drastic enough to put me off making a monk. They are easily my favorite class in terms of their ability to heal and just the character build in general. Even though i havn't got a beta key. Although im sure there will be those who change their opinions.
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