Be all the Wizard you can be. (PvP)

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    (note to mods not sure this is in the right forum but it is focused on pvp chat)

    This is a thread that I will be updating over time and eventually if it goes well enough I will use it as a framework to build my very own Wizard. I will rely on the kindness of strangers to help me figure this enigma out. So I will be posing questions, responding to them myself and then with any luck and responses from you kind folks I will try update with as close to a forum "consensus" as I can. So to make this go smoother for me please respond by saying a few things to help out, 1) If you are in the Beta so we know if you are speaking experience based or if you are speculating (both are welcome.) 2) Which question you are replying to, this is for my sake so it is easier to know what you are talking about.

    Question 1: What is abilities are indispensable in the PVP battlefield?

    My answer:
    Slow time is the first one that comes to mind for many reasons the first and foremost though is versatility. Slow time depending on how it is runestoned is extremely effective against all classes. It provides protection from either an area around you or it can simply help funnel bad guys into an area making them choose between being horribly slowed or taking an often deadly "long way around."

    Follow up: Does slow time actually seem "Indispensable" to you? and obviously what other abilities should all Wizards have in PVP?

    Your answer (hopefully):

    Question 2: What classes would make a good teammate for Wizards?

    My Answer: My initial thought for this would be a Witch doctor, as they have powerful controls which is helpful in a few ways. The slows roots and fears of a doctor can make landing some of your most powerful spells (meteor) easier also perhaps more importantly their control lets you focus on a wizards best skill set, damage.

    Your answer:

    Question 3: Link a Build or simply judge mine!

    My answer:!TWg!acZZaY
    This build might be entirely too defensive and admittedly lacks raw damage but then again this is just a first glossing over of skills and will change as I get some helpful people on the forums.

    So that is all (for now) the goal of this is to make everyone a better wizard and not hurt peoples feelings so all opinions are welcomed and the more impassioned voices of aspiring Merlins the better chance we have at taking down those nasty Barbs.
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    These are all really good tips. There are plenty of good ways to play which you havnt put up though. But the main problem i have is that yu cannot do all of these at one time. There are substantial distractions which wil stop you completeing these skills
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