Hello! Let's style on some Hardcore D3 together. I want to make friends who enjoy it as much as I do

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    Since you're here reading my thread, I assume you do too. Bad ass. Name's West! I very much enjoy playing hardcore D3. I have a couple characters of varying levels, been mostly playing my WD (60) lately.. but I have been playing solo the whole time because I just don't know anyone else who likes the game. Frankly playing solo is getting very boring - lets team up! I play on the US East servers.

    I started and lead a small community of good friends and gamers - we go by tA Gaming! My team and I play all kinds of games, predominately first person shooters like CoD and CS GO. However, I have recently gotten back into Diablo and don't have a single other person to play hardcore mode with. Theres only one other person on the team who plays Diablo routinely, and she plays mostly softcore.

    I intend to accomplish two things very shortly: kill Diablo on inferno, and become a dick daddy rich billionaire in this game. If you like hardcore and want a partner in crime, there are a couple ways you can contact me.

    1) Hop right on into our teamspeak server like you own that bitch. Don't be shy, we are usually hanging out in there gaming and/or bs'ing, so if that's what you are trying to do then come on and say hello. Let's play some games. No pressure to try to join the team or be in the server, this isn't some recruitment ruse so don't worry about that. If you're a relaxed gamer atleast 9% of the time then you can come and go as you please whenever your looking for team mates XD. My teammates and I are all adults, but teens are welcome too. Just follow the 9% rule and we won't have any problems :)

    server address removed

    TS Download: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

    2) Send me a message on Diablo, or just a friend request. I'll holler back at you on there and we'll figure it all out. West#1686

    3) Post a reply on here expressing interest with some kind of contact info. I'll keep an eye on it and reach out to ya.

    We can play just about any lvl character that you want - I have a couple all over the place. Alternatively, I'm happy to start over at level 1 if that's what you wanna do. Thanks for reading! Hope to meet some of you soon. Holler!

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    Please forgive me if this comes off as abrupt to you - try to understand my frustration in that this has been an ongoing situation for me.

    I have tried everything I can think of, short of buying someone a copy of the game, and I cannot find anyone who wants to play with me. I posted this on 6 Diablo 3 forums, roughly 4000 people who play diablo have read my plea, and not a single person has reached out or even responded on the forums. No suggestions, no nothing. I tried to talk to about 100 different people from various chat channels in-game, only one person ever responded to me all day and he didn't want to play. Not sure what else to do. Yall need to recognize that when someone comes straight out and asks for a friend, it's because they need a damn friend.

    So, unfortunately I quit. The good news is I have a full set of acceptable, arguably overpowered lvl 60 early Inferno WD gear, (60K HP, 30K dps, 4K armor, 700 resist all). a handful of every gem in the game, and a stash full of other random rares and legendary stuff I was saving. I will give it away to someone so that it does not go to waste, as well as the ~1 million gold I have before I uninstall the game. Since I don't know anyone to give it to (lol....), someone random is fine. Just email me at [email protected] First person to inquire with interest, I will respond to and we will work out the logistics. If they fall through I will move on to the next. Hopefully someone has fun with it.

    Only game I have ever owned, on any platform in my entire life, where I could not find a single person to share the game with. Damn I miss Diablo 2. If anyone who works for Blizzard ends up reading this, please reflect on how the community within your games interact with one another, and perhaps try to find a way to make it so that random player-player interaction is more common. Of course I am in fact the common denominator, so it is certainly possible that my approach was offputting.. which would be nobody's fault but my own. Wish I knew. Either way, I tried.

    Hopefully this does not come off as whiney - if it does, fair enough. I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree with you on that. Nevertheless, thats the situation and I'm just breaking it down. Your (exclusively) online game has 0 players to play with. It's dumb. Somebody holler at this gear. I will give it a week before I just uninstall gear nonwithstanding, but i figure someone will have requested it by then.


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    Reading back, didn't really come off the way I wanted it to. But I suppose in reality, part of me just wanted to bitch a little bit. Thanks for understanding. The gear and gold are really up for grabs, I suppose thats the only part of this any of you will care about (I don't blame ya). Email me, I'll hook someone up before I find a new game.

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    Okay guys, it's over now and the gear is no longer available. Mods feel free to close, delete, whatever.

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