Is my selfound ready for mp1?

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    Hey guys, I recently started playing a hc self found monk and I'm loving it. I got to inferno yesterday and have been farming a little bit and my char is doing quite well at mp0. Should I farm at mp1 for the density or stay in mp0 for a while. Also what should I be spending my gold/crafting mats on?. Upgrading gems or archon chest?

    This is my char, thx for the help.

    P.S.: I just got my first legendary in inferno! A cindercloak that dropped from the unique monster that spawns during the event in fields of misery where you have to kill 4 nests :D :D :D.
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    I'd try to get a weapon with socket and put a Life on Hit gem inside. Everything seems fine to me.
    I had a warrior with roughly the same stat and did just well. He died recently but that was mostly due to terrible badluck and stupid mix of event (random tree popping plants underneath me which I couldn't except because a stupid blue pack was stuck between 2 bushes with frost, poison vortex and immunity. I tried to escape for 20-30sec but I couldn't)

    You should be fine as long you're cautious. Beware the damn trees!
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    Save mats to craft shoulders once you find the Archon shoulders of vitality plan, then go for bracers, and then an amulet. Shoulders are the easiest to get a good roll on, followed by bracers. Amulet and gloves are difficult to get a good roll on, but the payout can potentially be huge if you get trifecta. Dont bother crafting any of the ilvl 62 gear, only the ilvl 63. Gems get very expensive to upgrade, hold off on it until you have crafted a few peices of decent gear. I wouldn't buy the archon chest for a while, since crafting it is very expensive, and your income is probably kinda low. How much gold do you have?

    I wouldn't go to mp1 yet since your resistances are pretty low, its very risky running Hardcore without using the one with everything passive. Also going to mp1 is a significant step up in monster damage and hp, not just density. I wouldn't do it yet if I were you.

    I would try to shoot for 50k hp, 400 resistances, 4k armor, and 30k dps before i made the jump to mp1. You will also need some kind of sustain, be it life on hit, lifesteal, life regen, or extra globe healing to stay up and I didn't see much on your profile.
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    My lowest resisntas without OWE is 330, with it is 440, is it still worth using it? My armor is 3977 and my dps is just 13k. Also my sustain right now is mostly trascendance + heal. I guess i have be lucky to get a good weapon with a socket on it before progressing.

    Right now I'm only at 1M gold, but I have seen that crafting isn't that cheap, I'm considering to sell stuff in the AH but not buying anything. I will work getting those recipes to get a couple of pieces since I alredy have like 20 demonic essences. Thanks for the heelp.
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    I would also hold off on going to MP1. As was indicated above by Xaimx, there is a significant jump in difficulty between MP0 and MP1 in inferno.

    What is your ultimate goal, beating inferno in HC or farming? (Or are you farming to get better items so you can move on to beat inferno?)

    If the ultimate goal is simply to beat inferno, I'd stick with MP0. If you feel you need some upgrades, I'd do some crafting as was already suggested and farm various areas in A1 on MP0.
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    Tried it on my Barb lately. Went into weeping hollow and almost got killed by this elite fatty pack :) Better stay mp0 for a while. I have quite a lousy gear though and would need shield + 1h at least. Just using the 2h sword for Mp0 since its really fast to farm and has pretty good stats.

    My goal is pretty much beating inferno. I had a long pause from the game and when I came back my previous Barb was in Act2 inferno and got killed in MP1 since I forgot how weak he actually was. Now its time to beat the game on inferno before expansion :) Would like to do it in MP1 but the gear required for that is kinda big leap actually. Crafting would really help but I don't have the recipes yet.
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