Real Money Auction House - Still let down

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    I understand Blizzard has stated they are not doing a Real Money auction house for hardcore, but I have to say I am little disappointed at this time. I would have hoped they would have changed their minds by now.

    People complain about loss of items due to lag as is, but honestly it is buyer beware. I would have hoped by now they would have changed their minds about RMAH for hardcore. With the accounts being linked to paypal it would allow for more of a farm money is SC to save and buy for hardcore.

    I would have figured it would have been a great way to get more people to get led into playing hardcore. It's not like their is a risk of Player Killing so there really is not other expectation of of unreasonable item loss other than latency and lag.

    I am still holding onto hope, but I believe that is lost.
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    Good Lord...

    And screw up a second thanks SC can keep there RMAH.
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    There are legal problems in many countries with the gambling laws when you can lose your invested money that easily.

    And no, we dont want RMAH anyway, it has allready screwed up the SC economy.
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