[BARB] New to Hardcore, need some tips and insights

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    Hello guys, I'm in the process of moving from SC to HC, and started as a Barbarian (the first class I've played in SC). I have some knowledge about the class and it's mechanics, so I won't bother you guys asking for build/gear tips, but my main concern is the whole hardcore aspect.

    I played D2 a LOT when it was released, and more when LoD hit, but I never played D2 hardcore mode, so I will walk in babysteps now. I know I'll have to relearn how to play carefully, and change my SC style of play, and I'm aware that deaths will come and I'll try to not be frustrated on that (unless it's a server or internet connection problem, then I'll be pissed).

    So, now my barb is lvl 14 on act 2, I'm playing very carefully (Sword and Board style, Bashing, HotAing and Rending everything in my way) and I'd like to know if there is any milestone to reach before changing Acts, like "xx lvl xxxx armor xxx dps xxx AR on ACT X). I intend to play smoothly, but it's nice to have some milestones to reach before changing acts or even difficulty, at least for guidance.

    Is there any "HC intro" guide around here? Would be nice to take a look and read more about it.

    For now, that's it. Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated.

    Peace guys,

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    The one thing I would say is trust your gut. Consider that there is a level progression for each act but that is not nearly as prevalent as it is when you hit Inferno. Keep in mind that the first three levels may be tough but the wall you hit in Inferno is more like a pre-1.04 patch D3 and can be like hitting your head on a wall. Take it slow; give weapons and armor that you would have otherwise discarded in SC a chance in HC. Heck, when I found one, I used a Sever with CD on it just because in Act III and IV, the bonus damage to Demons was a win/win for me. Remember, red gems are your friends in weapons as hard damage trumps CD/CC when at low levels. Also, stay away from public games where you are not familiar with the people. Too many horror stories of folks jumping into games and getting insta-gibbed due to people AFK or dragging baddies into safe zones. Never happened here but reading these forums tells me it is a danger to avoid like the plague.
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    Well there are no "fixed" values, you can most of the time say if you can handle something or not.

    Notable difficulty spikes you should be aware of are Keep Depths Lvl 2 (talibans) and the entire Act 4 which is way harder than the rest of the game.

    Other than that, I suggest playing with people, in groups. For extra xp/ drops/ chance to be saved in case of DC/ lag.
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