[Stream] EU/UK Hardcore Self-Found Monk

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    Hi guys,

    Been reading and lurking here for some time (since D3 beta) and I have recently started streaming my gameplay.

    I have also switched to Hardcore play and I am finding it soooo much more exciting than softcore (I have a para75 wiz and para73 barb there).

    I have started a Monk on HC and intend to go Self-Found which is going to be a challenge and I hope you pop by and chat the breeze and maybe join me on some runs?? (Only if you're self-found and within same level range as myself)

    please stop by and follow so you can see when I go online. I do work full-time Mon-Fri so it'll be mainly evenings and weekends.

    What to expect:-
    • Varied Music, from metal to trance, from classical to video game music. Happy to take requests!
    • Newbie Monk gameplay - hoping to improve this quickly, and any experienced HC monks would be my new best friends!
    • Viewer interaction - I will have the chat up on 2nd monitor and will chat with everyone and anyone who stops by!
    • Webcam - you can see my ugly mug and watch me drink tea.
    • Response to feedback - if you guys wanna see something specific, just tell me and I will try and accommodate.
    Much Love

    Update: Lost my monk at paragon level 5 in act 2. Stupid move by taking on 2 packs, getting surrounded and running out of cooldowns!! T_T Started a new monk and will be levelling up as time permits! ;)
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    (1st post here)
    Nice, another HC stream. Followed on twitch =)
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    Quote from D3Enigma

    (1st post here)
    Nice, another HC stream. Followed on twitch =)

    Cheers enigma, and nice to see you stop by and follow.

    Just got into nightmare so it's getting a little more interesting!! :)

    Softy <3
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