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    So, I'm pretty darned new to the whole Hardcore scene!

    I just started 3 characters, as this seems to be the most common way of doing it.

    A DH, Barb and WD.

    I picked the last two because I've played them both in softcore to 60 (pre-paragon implementation).

    Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? Level one up say, five levels then swap to the next one etc? At the moment my DH and Barb are lvl 10 and the WD is lvl 12.

    I had been planning on trying to play through on mp10 and self found, is this just a silly idea for someone who is fairly new to it?

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    just play the game up till late hell, where the first real challenge for hardcore players is waiting. ive never heard about leveling multiple characters at once.

    I would also suggest not playing mp10 on your first playthrough. you wont last long and publics can be fun and rewarding.
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    ^ Partially agree and disagree at the same time. With the AH you can pretty reliably get to Hell on MP10 quickly as the only thing that really matters is DPS. Cain's sets are cheap when you hit 24 and invest in a ruby helm asap just like you would in softcore. Getting from 50-60 is boring and takes a long time since you most likely won't have safe access to farming in act 3 of hell. Once you hit 60 with a decent wad of cash (1.5M) or so, the game really opens up for you. I'm having no problems whatsoever in Inferno MP0 A3 on 2M worth of gear. The big thing with HC vs SC is that you should make sure you save the gear you are using when you replace stuff, that way if you die you can just reuse what you have instead of going to the AH all the time. I have a full stash tab set up for level 12, 24, 35, and 50 gear. Don't forget that level 60 equipment can have up to 18 reduced level requirement. You can get a level 60 with 10 reduced level requirement weapon with decent dps (500) pretty cheap and it will help tremendously as you'll probably be upgrading from a 100-150 dps weapon.
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    PS if you're having a hard time getting money for level 60 gear, you can go back and farm normal/nightmare. With nephalem valor stacks you can pick up lots of yellows and anything with base stat+vit+exp will sell quickly if you price it fairly. Remember, noone has a B gold in HC
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