Which class to play together with a WD ?

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    Hi all,

    After playing softcore for a while and getting bored.. me and a friend decide to give hardcore a try..so far having a blast :Thumbs Up:

    I went with a WD, while my friend had a barb. HAD. You can already guess where this is going by the title...

    He lost his paragon level 10 barb yesterday to some fast/nightmare/firechains pack while he was playing alone. Nothing he could do when feared and being locked in by the fast elites while his WotB was on cooldown. :(

    He's a bit bummed atm..but ready to level a new character! My question is; which class would you partner with a WD and why?

    Would love to hear people's opinions and experiences on this.. :)

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    I like Monk + WD.

    That combo is hard to kill, make sure you both pick skills such as reduce monster damage, cause they stack. That way a WD and a Monk can reduce a lot of incoming damage. Make the WD focus on AoEing, and the Monk on Single targeting.
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