Hard Core Players Unite!

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    If you’re like me you have spent hours upon hours of game play in Hard Core mode only to lose your Character to some sort of game glitch. It’s time to say enough please grow our numbers by following this link.


    Please place this link on your social media such as facebook, twitter, or fan pages!

    Please also reply hear it helps. I hope this site helps us Harcore players.
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    gimme a break man. you knw what you signed up to clicking the hardcore box. one good thing about d3 is that hc is still the same. you die for whatever reason and youre bound to roll again from 0.
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    i'll start playing hardcore when we finish beta...
    Working with adobe and/or java is like pushing a paper clip against a building and expecting it to move...

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    Crying about hardcore isn't hardcore.
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    It definitely sounds like hardcore isnt for you.
    I hear people whine about game glitch, game latency, game issues and monsters bugging out.

    couple things to remember:
    1) this is a game, a computer program, anything can happen
    2) you are given a choice to play HC, so be a man , and take it into consideration when your going HC that you might/will die at some point
    3) if you die.. get over it, stop blaming it on others, slap urself and restart or just play SC

    I've never had ANY game issues since i started playing HC since it came out. I didnt play HC in dII, but HC in dIII is hella fun.
    Good luck in your next journey whatever class/character/mode it is
    Happy new year!
    Happy hunting in-game!
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    Moving to Hardcore.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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