starting my first hardcore

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    Good day to those of you with the larger sets of nuts, playing hardcore and slappin it like a hoe... I was mainly wondering how you all go about leveling your characters, and the most effective way to get / upgrade your gear, whether it be hours of farming, or AH/rmAH, friends etc. Any and all info on starting out, leveling, gearing up, and general tips on HC would be much appreciated!
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    Hey you!

    Im also currently playing my first HC character. Im playing a monk with my friend. We decided to play totally without using auction house and must say its super fun! Using the auction house makes the game boring and maybe too easy.. its nice to have some challenge. And now it feels like using the auction house would feel like cheating.

    Yesterday we finished act3 at nightmare. We have pretty much farmed every spot in every zone to find some upgrades. Also crafting has been a good thing. We also buy gear from vendors if theres anything nice. We are progressing very carefully and trying to minimize risks. So far everything has been going smooth and no close deaths so far. We both are trying to stack on vitality and armor to get as much defense as possible. Soon as we hit Hell, all resistance will be the stat to stack.

    Good luck! Dont die! Peace! ;)

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    the only hard thing would be belial i think, u want to make sure u have enough health to survive his hits or if u fuc up. Only seen one death sofar at 50 and was some dude at nightmare belial with low hp and fuced up during belial combo.

    overal its fun and not hard hard if u gear correctly, alot of multiplay done also.

    most of your farming will probably be done in hell, getting rdy for inferno.

    most importantly when u feel that u dont kill stuff fast enough, that means your weaker, and thats when u need to be carefull to not die. Aslong as your killing at a good speed, your safe and strong.

    Always make sure u have an ability or cooldown too escape, in your head u must know what to do when trouble hits, what if your suddenly surrounded and cant move, make sure when that happens, u know what u gonna do. It will happen sooner or later, pressing your button fast enough can prevent a death.
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    Never use escape abilities to travel around the map. (:D)
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    Good luck!
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    Thanks guys! Belial usually only gives me a problem in sc when I'm playing hell or inferno.. so good point... what about gear? Do you guys like beat act 1 then go back through it a couple times? Or do you get to act 3 and farm certain spots?
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    Ever own a young dog or a cat and have it get run over by a truck before your very eyes?

    That's what it feels like when your beloved HC character gets mauled and killed by some raging demon hellbent on wreaking havoc on all things living.
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    Haha.. yeah I can't wait til my first death
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D
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    Good luck! (you're going to need it) :D
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    Good luck, especially hell and up!
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    Tip for level up relatively safe , is the cave in festering woods, not warriors rest, but the one with the mass skellets.
    Enter it and you get the checkpoint, from there on you can rush through get killstreaks and fast and easy exp. when cleared port to town, leave and rejoin game.
    You can simply do it, when you reach the place , playing through the act. grind the cave till you get less than half a bubble per clear.

    hope it helps
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    It helps to always have an escape plan in mind. If something unexpected occurs, you know which way you want to run and what defensive or escape skills to respond with.
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    thanks cancerbat, that's actually a pretty good idea, which i haven't even considered... when you log back in, do you end up back inside the cave? is that what you're saying?

    that's a valid point, Livingwater, escape plans are one of my main bamma jammas... i'll be playing a witchdoctor, so that will certainly be easy with spirit vessel / spirit walk... appreciate the input guys!
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    enjoy hc.. it just rocks!
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    Anyone on a good place to farm gear?
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D
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    My main piece of advise is to learn quickly when you need to run away. If you're not topped, and don't have anyway to heal yourself immediately .. start looking for a way out.

    To go along with that, when you're running from an elite (and you will have to do this as you gear up) don't EVER run toward uncovered portions of the map. Ever! It's a good way to over pull and wind up having to reroll.

    And remember, Over-leveled, over-geared, over-prepared.
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    I've been playing my first characters in HC recently too and I've got a lot of hours practice on SC, so I know how to gear and play the characters effectively. It's also helped treating my SC characters like they were HC and they learning from it if I die - at least I could try again from the checkpoint then and not level 1 :P

    So far I've levelled up to 10-15 in a gung-ho style, trying to level all four chars (no WD) equally so I can pass loot around between them. I've also found several spots to farm exp for a few levels like Cancerbat suggested. Northern Highlands (steps before Leoric's Hunting Ground checkpoint), and Leoric's Manor. As I go up in levels, I can afford and wear better gear from the AH and then rather than move on, I've been raising the Monster Power. Killed the Butcher with my Barb and DH on MP8 without any trouble, have a decent amount of gold and things unlocked. More importantly, I've kept the low level rares that were useful in a dedicated stash tab, just in case :D

    Simple tips I would suggest from my current findings in HC are the usual ones that you can find in most HC tips threads (search here, but there was also one on the official forums recently that was worth a read). However, I have seen most people say to stack +vit and use purple gems, but I would also encourage to not forget dps. I've stacked dps as much if not more than life, and so far in normal it's been fine. I can take several hits, but most thing die too fast to get the chance. I doubt this would serve as sensible advice the higher through the difficulty you go, but I remember struggling in SC Inferno (before nerfs) when I had high life+all res but low dps, they'd just wear me down so it's worth bearing in mind. Treasure Goblins are good dps checkers, if you can easily kill them before they vanish then you're dps is fine (though don't be careful not to die chasing after them in HC :P)
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    thanks a bunch guys! still lookin for a good place to farm gear, though... "overgeared" is what i'm lookin for, but i'm old fashioned, i'm lookin to farm a spot for a bit for levels and / or upgrades!
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D
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    Just stared playing too.

    I'm too scared to take on the SK. I don't think my heart is going to last very long playing HC.

    At what level and damage/armour should I be at when taking him on?
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    i started a HC wiz tonight. hadnt played HC yet. I took her all the way thru Maghda with no problems. I may go back and try the Halls of Agony on a higher MP just to farm and help a couple friends get the checkpoints.

    as far as farming, i would think the locations would be the same typical locations as SC. Just have be a lot more cautious.
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