[Hardcore Stream] - Inferno Witch Doctor - Act 2+

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    Greetings fellow Diablo fans!

    At the moment i am farming Act 1 and Act 2 bosspacks, and killing SK in Act 1 for loot. (now Butcher)
    My stats are:

    65k HP
    500 Res All
    25k DPS
    3700 Armor
    300% MF

    Clearing all bosspacks Act 1 is FUN!
    Act 2 bosspacks are fun, but not that profitable, since i need to be careful, aka slow.

    Anyways, if you would like to see something else than Goblin streams, join up, feel free to ask questions, and if you are from EU HC, say if you see some loot you could use, since i salvage most.


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    Streaming again!
    Farming some Rarepacks and SK... im at 165% MF in my fighting gear now.
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    Doing Warden + Butcher runs.
    Free loot if u want some of the stuff i salvage... and i salvage most. EU HC.
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    Going LIVE again, for like 5-10 hours, give or take!
    Join the fun... :)
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    And here we go again!
    Playing until Denmark faces Germany in football!

    Wish me, and us, luck! :P
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    Playing bear spec in HC takes some nuts!

    Any advice on when I can start doing these runs? I wonder if I am ready now, but I just haven't really had the nuts to start soloing in inferno.

    I'm a WD w/ 640ish all resists
    40k HP
    & only 16k dps (and that's with no shield but a pretty good WD offhand).

    I've been taking gear with massive resist over gear with massive int etc.
    I usually just go with darts, army, grasp, spirit walk, big bad voodoo and lately have been using spirit barrage with the phantasm rune (it's pretty nice for AOE actually, I put a couple of those on a grasp and everything dies). Is the bear spec mandatory for soloing Butcher etc? I tried bears out earlier when I was much less geared and spirit vessel'd once and never went back.
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    Bear build is one of the most powerfull, im waiting the nerfs on zombie bears. I'm just stomping a1 without any good items (600dps weapon, 200 ress, 44k hp, 6,1k armor)
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    Yeah Act 1... try do bears against champ packs in Act 3 for example... not exactly powerful there, compared to using some more CC.
    Im not saying Bears is bad, but you need to be able to take some beating before being able to go close and whopp... bosspacks that is.

    Calc, i would try to lower your resist, and get some more HP... Some more dps wouldnt hurt either. But you will be able to do it, just be careful against some packs... :)
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    Streaming again, downed Belial last night, so im trying to farm some bosspacks in Act 3.
    Its quite hard, close to dying often, join the fun!
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    Going to keep an eye out for the stream for some WD fun
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    Yeah, the EU patch hits soon though, so ill just wait with playing until after patch...
    All my mates are doing the famous goblin run in a2, i simply cant be arsed.

    I guess getting to a3, and farming bosspacks, before the nerf, is something i should be semi-proud off... :P

    Will be interesting to see how well i fare in A3 after the nerf. My guess is only barbs and monks will feel the nerf, since instead of dying in 2-3 hits, i might die in 4-6 hits, which is really no biggie :P
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    Streaming again, testing the new patch, tune in and feel free to ask questions.
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    Woah, I hope you're still playing in an hour..

    .. can't make it home before that :(
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    Time to pew pew some bosspacks in 200% MF gear... hope to see some insane drops!
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    gl man, my barb alt wd is 38 :D darky can you link your spec?
    Diii: Classix#2766; Daanlandjnr 60 baba Act2 Inf; DrDaanland 50 WD Act4 Hell; FApSsoso WZ Act1 Norm
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    GarGanTuaN highest d2 beta maul baba
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    Here is his Equip and Spec:



    Links taken from his Stream Page ( http://de.twitch.tv/thetownportal )
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    Here we go again!
    Wanna see how easy a WD clears packs? Join up! :P
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    Good fun this morning - Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks m8, ill stream again later, sadly i got Wife Aggro atm, and my detaunt does not work...
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    Streaming time!
    Need a friggin weapon, where are the gods of luck!
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