WD need tips on gear for HC

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    Im almost finished leveling my WD to 60 i have a 30 mill budget for him any tips on what gear/build for HC.
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    You should link your armory so that people can see what they're to be working with. 30mil is a great start for a fresh 60, so I imagine you can pick up some good overall gear and start farming quickly.
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    h ttp://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mustybadger-2406/hero/17837455

    My build words really well for Act 3 farming. Really good survivability (I have been disconnected 3 times from 50 - PL8 and not died yet). I know the DPS looks low but fully buffed with Zombie Bears i down elites in seconds. My gearset on HC is only worth about 2m so with 30m you would be able to comfortably farm MP2.

    Basically, aim to get around 800AR (when calculating unbuffed + INT), 80kHP and 30k base unbuffed DPS, that should be easily obtainable with 30m. Survivability is you biggest ally in HC and if you're going to invest a large amount of gold into gear this becomes even more vital. I know the base DPS stat of 30k might look like it will cause issues but you would be shocked at your clear speed with those stats.

    Also, for this build to be most effective, the biggest requirements are:

    Thing of the deep (20 pickup radius is essential as most of your healing will be coming from health globes)

    Visage of Giyua (massive AR boost and mana-regen)

    Mainhand: As high a DPS as possible with big VIT and INT base stats, if you can pick up a lifesteal + base stats + socket for cheap that would be awesome, but LS isn't essential, even for reflect damage, you just need to learn not to spam your bears and take them a little slower.

    Passive's can be swapped to use Grave Injustice if you are having any Mana issues.
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    Awesome ill have a look at you build/gear thanks for your help. I think i am going to need a lot of EHP because my first attempts to level to 60 ended because of disconnection stupid isp
    What do you think about LOH i was playing a barb on softcore and that was a must is it needed for a WD
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    h ttp://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Freney-1943/hero/28594572
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