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    Hallo fellow Hardcorian's!
    I am just wondering if there is people out there that feel the same way i do. I am a noob HC barbarian, just starting to get some gear and now they add monster levels so i can get even better loot! Thats great but how can i risk it? This is my first HC character and im pretty sure i will do something unmentionable if i die, therefore i won't take any huge risks. But with this new system is making me feel very offput on playing Hardcore mode. I love the idea of it, but i know it will only lead to headaches for me because i can't risk playing in the most effective way, even though i want to! Back when i was playing normal this would've been perfect, but now im hooked on hardcore and this sounds like beeing forced to play with a handicap for me!

    Am i the only one feeling this way?

    Suggestion: Leave this option out of Hardcore, do anyone else agree?
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    I disagree.
    The monster power is to set a difficult you want to play. Like you see from some of the news, its going to require monster power 2 or 3 to reach approximately how inferno is today. So, we are getting a huge advantage of it (inferno will be much easier and more accessible, removing risk). In addition, when you feel like "Act III is going so well! I think I can finally move on!" you got monster power 2 and Act I (or maybe Act I at monster power 2 will be too easy? Then Act II with monster power 2).

    Also, be prepared for death. It WILL happen. Learn that and accept that. Raging after a death on HC is just fine, just don't take it too far and don't get demoralized. Start over again, The death of a HC char is also the beginning of another char. If there's another class you ever wanted to play, a death is your chance for that ;)
    Death is not all that bad on HC.

    I definitely want this option for HC :D
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    I'm looking forward this as well as the "Inferno Machine". I'll most likely not get to experience any of them to the full extent, but I feel that it would be even worse if I couldn't have the chance to see any of it in hardcore. Since for me, playing softcore, isn't rewarding the same way as hardcore, even though I probably won't kill Diablo on Inferno hardcore...
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    hm power leveling should make things much easier
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    leaving it out?! no way, this is an awesome way to prolong the life (durr) of a hc character, keeping it interesting after killing diablo on inferno.
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    I had some doubts myself about monster power and did the following test

    Atm I am running act 1 without any issues, taking about 30 minutes for almost a full run. Act 2 is also ok, but i am still struggling if I use MF gear in act 3. So I did not want to risk it and was running act 1 with MF gear on. I cannot post URLs but my battletag is boceto # 2473, playing witch doctor as main.

    I installed the PTR, set monster power to 1 and went into act 1 again. As it turned out, I died on the first run from butcher (was kinda noobish but you get the idea).

    So basically if you do not run act 3 without problems I would not recommend you to turn monster power on, especially on HC. I have lost 5 characters from lagspikes up to now and I know how frustrating can it be at some point.

    Also, switching on monster power will probably call for completely different build from the one you have been using while running act 1.
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    Quote from Boceto

    Also, switching on monster power will probably call for completely different build from the one you have been using while running act 1.

    Yep, think of all the skills/passives which rely on "on enemy death" or "on collecting health globe" for witch doctor for example.
    Playing on high monster power will make Grave Injustice pretty damn useless :)
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    MP is definitely not something to mess with lightly. I'm geared up pretty well and I'm OK on A1 inferno MP1 but it's not easy. Interesting I find that MP1 A1 and A2 are about the same. Probably because the big jump is having the monsters all be lvl63.

    However IMO I think A1 Inferno MP1 is very doable and I found it to be probably faster and easier than A3 is right now for me. I don't run A3..

    The real question is -- is it now easier to run A3 '1.0.5 nerf'd' or is it easier to run MP1 A1?

    I haven't had a ton of time for PTR so I really don't know. I did enough playing to get a feel for things. Didn't do Butcher though - need to try that

    It sure is nice having PTR where death is not permanent haha :)
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    Oh yeah and to OP - you're crazy, of course leave it in. If you have these problems you may not be ready for HC. Losing a couple of characters will probably get you on the right path honestly.. (yes even to lag etc)

    Good luck on your HC adventures and remember, if you die, reroll!
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    Nicely said. Death is inevitable but makes your next character King.
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