Rolling New Char - Walking Act 1 - 5 > Screw Powerleveling

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    Post here if you are interested.

    Starting at level 1 fresh char. 3 spots left!

    I'm rolling Wizard this time.
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    Hah! Nice. Yeah I don't power level at all.

    #1. I master the feel of that specific class better walking through it.
    #2. I make much more gold selling decent low level gear and salvaging for materials faster
    #3. I have better mechanics which ultimately separates hardcore from softcore.

    My level 33 DH is about to take on Diablo with 4.5k HP and 1.2K damage. I want to finish gearing up a few spots just to be sure, and take him on from there. GL Rolling that Wizzy

    Nokturnal #676
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    You can do it. Had my first Diablo-kill with a DH with lesser DPS and health. Just stun-locked the hell out of him.

    Sweet sweet memories. :)
    As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.
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    Diablo down! :) Yeah he was a lot easier than I anticipated. But I like that about this game, once you accept the challenge to take on a boss, you can't really turn back! Of course I level up way past the average level for these type of encounters, just to play safe. How are you doing so far with your Wizzy?

    Nightmare is easy as of right now, considering how slow zombies are. Still in Act 1, they do hit pretty hard so I just crawl forward, clear space, and play safe. Really Hardcore is not harder than softcore, it just requires more patience and staying on top of good gear as you progress.
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    So, anyone down to level? Traditionally or power leveling? I'm level 11 at the moment, rerolled after dying last night

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    Are we talking EU or US?
    I switched to HC myself a few days ago. Got Barbarian 55, Monk 19 and 15, and a Wizard around 8.

    No power levelling involved for reasons stated above.

    MFaarkrog#2293 [EU]
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    I wanna start over . after a dc die with my 56 monk :(. Planing to start this saturday, leave a pm. Starting wiz/barb depends on what my friends choses
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