Regular Azmodan

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    Just wondering what stats you guys had when you did Azmodan. (And didn't die)
    Came a tad close to dieing to Belial, but I didn't have the best gear at the time.

    Witch Doctor
    Level 30
    300 Unbuffed DPS
    3900 HP

    Gear is OK, have gemmed all Vitality, I may need a new main hand, as mine is a drop and didnt buy one recently. If its any help to the fellow With Doctors, I still one shot all mobs with Dire Bats.

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    Azmodan is a joke, esp. on normal. You will be fine as long as you apply common sense and don't stand in his black pools etc.
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    I think 3900 hp is low for level 30 but I can't remember.

    Anyway, just about everything is a joke on normal mode so long as you avoid basic mechanics.

    Avoid fireballs, and run from pools.
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    your stats are overkill for Azmodan, id happily fight Diablo with those stats.
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    Azmodan is hardly a joke on Inferno, but till then you won't have much trouble if you're geared right.
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