60 DH Rare Soul Lasher Death

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    Sooo I just lost my just recently dinged 60 Demon Hunter in Act III to a nasty Soul Lasher combo. I was too stupid not to reset the game, and was getting greedy with mark of death instead of caltraps. Bummer. Now I learned that for the next time.

    Just wanna share this with you, so you can feel good about your hardcore char, whilst I can start leveling a new one :) And don't be greedy - never ever.


    http://a5.sphotos.ak...378545502_o.jpg (Nasty Soul Lasher pack chasing me from the right, not seen on death tho)

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    Yeah, A3 Hell is where it starts to be a good idea to group up... things might have 4x the health, but you do more than 4x the damage, plus there are the same amount of monsters so you get chased less than 1/4th the time =/

    I didn't start sweating bullets until A3, that's when I decided it was time to skip to A1 inferno goblin farming where the only way to die is lag :P
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