Handling suiciders in Act 3

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    I started playing hardcore, and i have really been enjoying the excitement and the thrill of only having a single life. I went through act 1 and 2 without many problems - it is normal after all - but when i got to act 3, i started having a little trouble with the "suiciders". I tried using my 3 sec bubble when they got close, and i was successfully able to absorb all of their damage.

    My problem came when multiple suiciders attacked me. I could successfully absorb the first couple, but the last killed my monk.

    How should i tackle them in an effecient way without risking death?
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    I don't play as a monk, so I might be a bit off. But as a barbarian I did have quite a bit hp (~4,5k), and every time I saw them coming rushing I stunned them with stomp and killed them (at least most of them) before they had time to explode and kill me.
    But if you try to use the blinding ability and kill them before they recover, you might have a better chance of survival. Or the 3 sec bubble first, and if there is still some left, blind and kill them :)

    Hope that this helped out a bit ;)
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    Ahh yes, the suicidal banelings, are the bane of my existence!.

    Tziera, made a good point about timing your cc correctly to get a quick kill on these guys.

    I've been succesfully taking no damage from banelings by having the templar tank them. I play as a barbarian, and when i see the banelings coming I stun then all and just run the hell away, leaving my templar to fight on his own.

    Eventually the banelings explode on your templar, whiel you stand and watch from saftey!
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    I usually stop them with blind, then hit them with Deadly Reach. Works fairly well. Spamming Mantra of Evasion can help you dodge their explosions.
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    Run up to them in melee then quickly run away, they explode = win.

    Edit: P.S. There is a pack that sometimes spawn on the short winding way to the Desolate Sands in Act 2, be vary of this.
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    To play it safe as a Barb in A3 Normal Keep Depths L2 on my first playthrough, I switched to Weapon Throw. It probably wasn't necessary, but it helped. I'm not sure if Monks have something similar or not, though I know Deadly Reach goes pretty far.

    The other tips I have would be those already suggested (such as using a follower to absorb the hits, using CC then killing them during it, etc.). If you're really worried about it, it's also possible to go back and overlevel/overgear with defensive stats and wear a few pieces that you know will be able to soak a few explosions just for this area.
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    Let your Templar eat the explosions. I slowly approach every doorway with my Templar, he then runs in while I stay on the side of the door. On NM he even survived 5+ explosions.

    Also, if anyone hasn't seen it yet, a 43 monk getting blown up by those fuckers:

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    Very simple strat also viable for every class/every difficulty. Im surprised no one mentionned it. You aggro them and kite them until they explode while you are at a very safe distance.
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    Pretty much kite them or use CC but you have to go into range to CC them so its risky, I found that on Normal my barb could eat 1 or 2 hits if needed but now that im in NM and beyond I'll be playing it much much safer I think.

    In likelyhood ill switch to the templar for Act3, although they can be present at a rare in Act 2 the baneling god or whatever he is called, now thats dangerous because he has frozen aswell, i'd likely avoid him at all costs.
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    Im currently lvl 60 wizard in act 4 on hell and i had no troubles with those suiciders - all you need is to be careful. Use false targets - monk ally, zombies, mirror images etc... also casting something behind every corner (i used blizzard while leveling and hydra now) and doors helps a lot.
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    pretty much what others have said, either kite, or pop your water ally out and use a follower like Templar to absorb the damage.

    I found pets for a WD or water ally for a monk work great in A2 for those unhittable baby mosquitoes too if that helps.
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    When I did this in Hell mode, I handled it differently for two situations:

    1. When they are coming at you from around a corner or through a door, I ran backwards and let my enchantress take care of them from ranged attacks and/or let her take the explosion.

    2. When I could see them from across the room, I used Furious Charge to kill them before they had time to explode.

    Other options are equipping a ranged skill specifically for these buggers. You just need to be very careful and not go Rambo style into every room in the dungeon.
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