Looting dead team mates

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    I'm surprised it hasn't mentioned yet - as far as I saw; sought all the hc related topics.

    Does anyone know is there an option to let party members - as it used to in D2 - pick up, loot your body after you die in hardcore mode?

    This brings a lot of questions: for example, if I die during solo play, will I be able to invite a friend to pick my body (items) up?..
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    Nope, it wont be possible to loot anyone who dies.
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    oh hell, that's a huge miss! How do you know this? Have you guys tried looting each other in the beta? If haven't, please try for 'sake!
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    It have been known for quite some time now actually. :p

    "The character is mortal and therefore death is final. The items on the character's body are lost forever as are the items in your inventory (backpack). Your items do not pop off your body onto the ground when you die so a friend can not pick them up to pass onto you later. It is all gone. The items in your Stash are not lost as that is shared between all your hardcore characters."

    If im not completely wrong gold works the same as the stash in HC. :3
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    Quote from Enjeh

    If im not completely wrong gold works the same as the stash in HC. :3

    Yes Gold and Craft skill levels are not character based, they are account based
    There is no place like
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    Now, you can't just use a friend and play semi-hardcore pretending you're really playing hardcore.
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    semi-hc? What do you mean?...
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    On the wiki it says you cant loot dead bodies in hardcore. This is to prevent friends from looting dead characters and returning the equipment.
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