Would you like to see a HC Ladder?

Poll: Should HardCore have a Ladder?

Should HardCore have a Ladder? - Single Choice

  • Doesn't matter to me because I die at level 5 in Hardcore. 9.1%
  • No. 20.1%
  • Yes, based on # of Inferno Monsters Killed 53.2%
  • Yes, but just for Levels. 17.5%
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    I think a lot of what made Hardcore fun for me was watching your characters progress up the ladder. Although the cap is at 60, they could also implement a part of the ladder with number of inferno difficulty monsters killed which would move you up as well. I think this would be a good gauge of who has the most "powerful", longest lasting hardcore character.

    Concerns that the Real Money Auction House would not function well with a ladder system are null and void in HC, due to the fact that there will be none.

    What are the Hardcore playing DFans thoughts on this?
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    I don't know how the ladder system will function in D3 if we ever get one.

    Another thought is not how many monsters killed in inferno but how many bosses killed in inferno, where a boss is the end act boss and mini boss like the Skeleton King currently in Beta.

    I'm still completely undecided about ladders in D3 though since everyone will be lvl 60 ragardless...How do you have a ladder when everyone is the same level, what do you base it on next then?
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    I like the ladder. I think it adds a very interesting component to leveling. With that said, I would like to see a ladder tracking the progress to level 60. I would go further and say add in a special title for the first hardcore character of each class to make it to 60. I wouldn't mind something that counts the amount of hardcore inferno boss' killed either. Realistically though, I doubt there will be a ladder implemented for either softcore or hardcore.
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    I'm leaning toward not-sure/don't-care, but it's interesting to contemplate. Perhaps a ranking based on the number of HC achievements one had would be another metric. I don't know enough about the achievments to say wether that would be a way to show prowess, but listing rote infero-kills seems an abuse-laden way to go about it and levels certainly won't be as impressive as in D2.
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    Ranking based on items you wear.
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    Quote from TheAdziK

    Ranking based on items you wear.

    The problem with that is: it encourages players to wear a clown-suit of their higest level gear in order to top the ladder. I don't think it can be that arbitrary. Cumulative item level, monster kills, boss kills, character level; those things are not doing to show much and that ladder would be unimpressive. I hold to the achievement pitch being the most viable option, unless achievements themselves turn out ot be easy, random, or arbitrary to get.
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    Ladder should be retired and left behind. They did not add much in D2 as well except the ladder only items.
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    Ladder was added to DII because there was not much else to do in the game (end-game). There will be no need for it in DIII.

    DIII will only become a racing game if you add competitive elements like ladder, rankings or rated PvP. I prefer the direction Blizzard is heading right now.
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    Leave it behind...

    It is a system that promotes a certain core attitude to the game which can subtract from the fun of it for some people.

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    I liked the ladder system it was fun to see the stats of the leaders and when they died a tear was shed inside for there deeds of valor.
    A ladder system would work in nearly the same way it did in D2 at 60 they have an exp climb with no cap and that runs the ladder. Now as for the RMAH I wish they would add one for Hc which actually bums me out because 100% of my time will be invested into Hc. I mean the people that play Hc know the risk of losing there gear but they still play so what if you buy real gear you still are aware of the risk and can only blame yourself if you go and die.
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    Either for levels or for monster killed in Inferno.
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    I love ladders I think its gives more weight to your characters.

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    Well that depends to be honest. The main advantage of creating a Ladder Character is being able to join in on a totally new economy where powerful items are very valuable.
    That`s why I think it is good to have this option
    based on # of Inferno Monsters Killed.
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    I loved the race at ladder resets. However I dont think there should be a D3 ladder for levels as lvl 60 will be achieved so easily.
    The only idea I can come up with is that they allow you to continue to gain experience and levels beyond lvl 60, but of course you wont gain any additional stats or anything by it, just purely to climb the ladder and see whos the most hardcore grinder. Obviously this idea is pretty flawed and it would be pretty boring as you dont gain any benefits, this is why I dont think they should add any ladder. But if they find a way to implement it with some meaning, it would be great.
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    I voted yes and (num of monsters killed) but Im not sure that should be the criteria. Perhaps value of items on the character or something that is semi tangible yet cant easily be changed (like your friend cant boost you up with items).

    Perhaps you are right just the number of monsters in inferno killed; or maybe number of bosses and big bosses counting more.

    I know in D2 the ladder was one of the driving forces to keep me playing (when it first came out). Ladder resets were a blast.

    I really cant wait to begin playing HC ... was nothing like the feeling of 80+ hours of work going down the drain when your toon died. Now that is excitement.
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    I voted yes, it should be based levels until the first character hits 60, then it should be based on rare/champion monster kills in inferno in my opinion, there are probably some locations in inferno where you got a big pack of easy killable monsters that hardly drop any loot but would count toward the inferno kills you suggested and would probably get farmed just to get higher up the ladder.
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    I think ladder is irrelevant in how Diablo3 works.

    We all can reach lvl60 quite easily so there is no point for the ladder. Only if you still gained exp after hitting 60 you could rank people by their exp.
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    A ladder to see lvl, monsters killed, and maybee even items the wearing. I think its fun, mostly for myself to see how good my char and progression are compared to others...
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    Wow, at first I thought that this thread is needless and the answer is already known, but actually there are people here who vote against it and think there won't be a Ladder in D3!
    Ofcourse there will be. A much more in depth and interesting ladder for SC and HC toons. Cheers, lol!
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    Im pretty sure there will be something like that. As probably most of us played sc2 and wow we can easly see how it is done there. There will be for sure some kind of achievement system, if im not wrong there are some kind of stats already when u check you character at log in screen. They did good job with it in wow and sc2 and it will be even better in d3 for sure.
    ps. Sorry for my bad english, it's just not my native language.
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